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Sleizsa Trio is an improved version of Sleizsa Duo, released by irrlicht project in 2017. The name is a reference to b00daw's Sleizsa and incorporates the ability of playing three tones at the same time.


Sleizsa Trio offers three channels, 2 different interrupting drum sounds, and 16-bit frequency precision. An .xm-to-assembly databyte statements converter makes it possible to use an .xm tracker, being friendlier to tracker users out there.

The note range available is C0 - B5. Speed/tempo can be changed (Fxx command in MilkyTracker); volume commands are not suported.

More detailed information about the tool in genereal can be found here: Sleizsa Duo

What's new?

Here's what irrlicht project said about the improvements and new features:
So what's new in teh Trio, aside from different sound, third channel and noise mode? Well, first of all, XMs created in OpenMPT should work now. Also, the compile scripts default to using MAME now, since MESS no longer exists as a seperate project. It's still possible to use MESS though, just edit the compile scripts accordingly. Also, the XM converter is now a stand-alone executable rather than a Perl script, so Perl is no longer required (Mac users will need to find a way to compile the converter from source, sorry bout that. If anybody provides a binary I'll gladly include it in the package). Other than that, the procedure is pretty much unchanged - set up MAME/MESS (grab the ROMs from Sleizsa/Sleizsa Duo I guess), compose music using the XM template included in the package, run compile script, done.

If you're missing that 8Khz whine, no prob, just crank up the duty cycle settings in main.asm and you'll have it back in no time :D

Download here

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