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Signalist (class)


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BotBrs earn Signalist points by submitting Signalist type formats to battles. A BotBr's Class will become Signalist when they have more Signalist points than any other point class upon levelling up. A Signalist is represented with the following icon:

This class was created by request in Jan 2021 and had some existing formats that were formerly Mixist type (bytebeat, bytebeat1k, pd, and vcv_rack) changed to Signalist type.

Earning Points

• Five (5) points are awarded for submitting any signal-based format to a major battle (e.g. Winter Chip or an XHB).
• Points are awarded according to how well the submission scored (more details soon).
• One (1) point is awarded for each subsequent listen/donload of a BotBr's signal-based submission.

Losing Points

• Five (5) points are deducted for resubmitting a signal-based format before the submission period of a major battle or an XHB ends.

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