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Scream Tracker 3


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  2. Quick set up
  3. Expert tricks
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Scream Tracker 3 is a module tracker created by Kalle Kaivole in 1994.


Scream Tracker runs on DOS and is able to handle a maximum of 16 digital channels and 9 FM channels.

Supported save file formats are:
- .S3M (supporting FM instruments)
- .MOD format (not supporting FM instruments)

Supported plaback fileformats are
- normal .MOD's,
- Fasttracker 6 and 8-channel .MOD's,
- Oktalyzer .OKT's,
- Scream Tracker 2.* .STMs, and
- Scream Tracker 3 .S3Ms.

It can handle samples up to 64000 bytes (automatically cutting samples that are too big when loaded).

Quick set up

Download here: Scream Tracker 3donload

Scream Tracker 3 seems to run ok in a DOS box under Windows.

Shift + F9 will activate the setup screen

There is good documentation provided in the 'ST3.DOC' file supplied.

ScreamTracker supports many of the ImpulseTracker Effects Commands, but not all. Notably, it does not support volume column effects.

Expert tricks

Read up in 'ST3.DOC' on making Amiga .MOD modules with ST3 as just saving as .mod will give poor quality.

There is no development anymore, pouet for historic conservation

See also

- Tracker
- s3xmodit (format)