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Renderist (class)


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A BotBr earns Renderist points for rendering the submissions of other BotBrs as MP3s, so that it is more accessible to the wider public. A BotBr's Class will become Renderist when they have more Renderist points than any other point class upon levelling up. A Renderist is represented with the following icon:

These types of points are only available to BotBrs that are level 11 or above. MP3 renders for other BotBrs' submissions can be uploaded 24 hours after the submission was uploaded. Note that Renderist points are not given for rendering your own entries - this is to encourage helping other people who may have forgotten to render a submission.

Earning Points

• One (1) point is awarded for uploading an MP3 render of another BotBr's submission.
• One (1) point is awarded for each subsequent donload/play of aforementioned render.

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