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Problems Logging In

New cookie system is not only more secure but completely incompatible with the old one.

What does that mean?
It means if you have problems logging in and are seeing PHP error codes hidden in the background you should delete your BattleoftheBits cookies. Yes, this site is ran by a lazy Admin. For shame!! It is not an Admin but a SySop!! =o

Some people must have had the old login page (the old cookie system) bookmarked. This old page has now been programmed to redirect to the new login page so corrupt cookies no longer happen!! =D

Instructions for Removing Cookies --

Internut Exploiter
**Author hasn't bothered to manifest instructions at this time...

Mozilla Firefox
- go to Tools -> Options
- click the 'Security' tab in the window that opens up
- there should be a button that says 'Show Cookies...'
- another window opens up
- search 'battle'
- delete all of the battleofthebits.org cookies you find

Opera and Other Browsers
**Author hasn't bothered to manifest instructions at this time...