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  1. Capabilities
  2. Quick set up
  3. Expert tricks and composing
  4. Links for further development
ProTrekkr (formerly known as NoiseTrekker by Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius aka Arguru) is
a tracker which can be used to create electronic music (like psytrance, trance goa,
hard acid, IDM, chip, techno, etc.) for small sized intros, demos or games.
The Tracker Format is *.ptk


ProTrekkr is combining a software synthesizer together with a traditional samples
tracker (like sunvox)
Main features:
- 16 multi-notes tracks (with 256 virtual channels).
- Samples editor (can load up to 64 bits stereo samples).
- Patterns based tracker style sequencer.
- Synthesizer with custom waveforms support.
- Samples loop editor.
- 2 303s units.
- Cubic spline interpolation.
- Wav files import/export.
- 16 or 32 bits wav rendering.
- Multi effects engine with reverb, distortion, filters, delay, EQs, flanger, etc...
- Fully customizable 10 combs reverb.
- Midi in/out support.
- Protracker .mod files import.
- Samples compressor handling Gsm/Mp3/TrueSpeech/ADPCM/8 Bit (not on Linux or Mac OS X yet).
- Replay routine source code to be included & used inside your own programs
(Also featuring a - replay routine for the PlayStation Portable).
- Winamp/XMPlay plugin available.
And maybe more..

Quick set up

Protrekkr is available for Windows, Linux, Amiga OS4, AROS and Mac OSX.
Just download the file, unpack and start the executable binary.
There is a file for download with many sound samples.
(I tested the Protrekkr on Win 7 and Win Xp and it worked without any problems.)
Get it here: donload

There is no editable configuration file.
You can set things up on the lower part of the GUI.

Expert tricks and composing

I highly recommend to visit and read the protrekkr wiki!
There are instructions and many tips and tricks.

The Development has been stopped.
But there is a guy named Paul Batchelor developing a Fork of the Fork from ProTrekkr