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an IRC log

[13:55] <tl> knoxie, are teh opinions regarded? or it would be as it is anyway?
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[13:58] <B00daW> b-knox: You see the Conspiracy of Silence movie?
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[14:00] <b-knox> tl -- REGARDE YES!!
[14:01] <b-knox> b00d -- no!!
[14:02] <tl> b-knox, i mean what if to make it the other way.. like this: if one wants to make teh inbox he goes to "barracks" or whatever it would be called and just create it there with all these "subj" and "message". it appears in his inbox list with date/subj/etc (as it's now) and, when pressed, it is shown as teh common thread, right as other threads on teh site now, with comments available and so on. and! person can add/delete several ppl (by entering their
[14:02] <tl> names) into/out_of teh inbox. i mean, to make it like private threads.
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[14:03] <b-knox> :o
[14:03] <tl> teh threads which are available only to ppl who were selected by the author to see it..
[14:03] <b-knox> tl not a bad idea!!
[14:04] <B00daW>
[14:04] <B00daW> A paedophilia ring run by prominent Republican figures that catered to the rich -- mainly in boys between 8-16.
[14:04] <B00daW> Wikipedia has edited it as a hoax.
[14:05] <b-knox> B00d this is hilarious
[14:05] <b-knox> i don't have time right now tho :D
[14:05] <B00daW>
[14:05] <B00daW> If you read the "hoax" article, it gives no evidence to support that it's a hoax.
[14:05] <B00daW> It just says it is.
[14:06] <B00daW>
[14:06] <TMAnna> (URL by B00daW)
[14:06] <B00daW> Especially the NY Times article.
[14:06] <B00daW> And the Wikipedia article has been stripped of many of its important details.
[14:07] <tl> oh, and ppl added to the inbox can remove themselves out by their will. it means a person can create some specified inbox, add ppl there. then if any of these think he's not interested - he can leave teh inbox (and if the author thinks that anyone of these who were added appeared stupid - he can remove them). if everybody are removed from inbox - it deletes.
[14:07] <B00daW> Especially regarding the FBI interest involved.
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[14:08] <b-knox> tl -- i am just happy to have what we do so far
[14:08] <b-knox> and what you suggest would have to be started anew from scratch
[14:08] <tl> and all inboxes the person is in are shown in his "barracks" list sorted by new messages
[14:08] <b-knox> sounds kind of like a sub-community forum
[14:09] <b-knox> you should copy and paste all the things you wrote into a comment on the new news
[14:10] <tl> and if the person has new unread messages in any of inboxes he's in - it's shown as teh number right after the "baracks" sign. like "barracs (3)" or "barracs (1/3)" (in that caes: first number - new inboxes, second - new mesages)
[14:12] <b-knox> yeah -- sounds kind of like a sub-community forum
[14:12] <tl> b-knox, yep, a kind of sub-forum. but we have teh forum already, right? isn't it easier to modify it a little than to make new things?
[14:12] <b-knox> the question is -- Would people actually use it?
[14:13] <b-knox> tl -- i'd have to sit back from the whole concept and think about the easiest way to attack it ;D
[14:14] <tl> well.. it's more powerfull than simple private messages, isn't it? if you want to make these private talking possibility, why not to make it tough and looking forward from the very beginning?
[14:15] <b-knox> because hind sight is 20/20 lol
[14:15] <b-knox>
[14:15] <tl> yep. i just offer teh ideas.. :)
[14:16] <b-knox> well like i said you should copy all that text and post it as a comment to the news ;D
[14:16] <b-knox> let others get their two cents on...
[14:16] <tl> :D if i remmember all i've written.. :)
[14:16] <b-knox> scroll up!! :o
[14:17] <tl> :)
[14:17] <BotB-Announcer> 4,1 jonbro has logged in
[14:20] <jonbro> am I crazy or is the site running slower than normal
[14:21] <tl> now. that's you who is too fast :)
[14:21] <jonbro> this is true
[14:21] <jonbro> like sonic the hedgehog I am
[14:22] <tl> supasonic speed!
[14:27] <BotB-Announcer> 4,1 b00daw has logged in
[14:37] <b-knox> heh
[14:37] <b-knox> yeah something is slow today :o
[14:38] <tl> b-knox, something is always slow =-x
[14:38] <tl> seems like it's thinking too much on every call to databases
[14:43] <b-knox> hmmm...
[14:43] <b-knox> i dunno
[14:43] <b-knox> there was a time when i got it faster
[14:43] <b-knox> and i don't know what i could have added to make it slow again
[14:48] <tl> and sometimes it doesn't load the whole page. like the ohc history list for example. =-x it loads some from the top and.. stops. =-x
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[14:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +o setrodox
[14:49] <tl> moonkinsetro!
[14:49] * setrodox_ has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[14:50] <b-knox> yeah well the OHC list is incredibly fuckt
[14:50] <b-knox> it does way too much work to add each listing at present :D
[14:50] <tl> :)
[14:51] <b-knox> ok -- i;m off to get my fixed minivan
[14:51] <tl> :)
[14:51] <tl> minivans are cool. they have hippies inside.
[14:52] <b-knox> lawl
[14:53] <b-knox> another point of starting the PMs is now i can make an easy way for the new signup people to ask me questions if they are having problems
[14:53] <b-knox> ...w/o logging in
[14:55] <Aclone> ohohohooh
[14:55] <tl> well.. if it's the main purpose of all this.. maybe it's easier to make irc link's font size on teh site to x10 :D
[14:56] <b-knox> lol
[14:57] <b-knox> Aclone -- you at home for a while?
[14:58] <tl> and btw there are much more new things on teh site nowdays and less ohcs :(
[14:58] <b-knox> well what am i supposed to do about that?
[14:58] <tl> nothing. just testing my emo-module :)
[14:59] <b-knox> heh -- i mean maybe ppl just got burnt out
[14:59] <b-knox> ppl should be able to get excited together w/o me around
[14:59] <b-knox> but i can agree if you think i should be hosting more
[15:00] <tl> looks like new ones don't get how to take part in..

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