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Points are given to BotBrs for certain actions, such as submitting entries, voting, hosting battles, and even visiting the site. The distribution of the different types of points is described in the BotBr Classes article.

Point distribution in major battles

In majors, points may be received for a placement of 7th or better in any format or voting category.

The following formulas define how points are distributed when a major concludes:

$ttl_pool = 2500 + (25 * $battle->entry_count);

$pool_per_cat = $ttl_pool / 5;

$pnts = round($pool_per_cat * ((8 - $rank) * 0.0357));

The first line defines a "total pool" based on the total entry count in the battle. More entries, more points. The second line divides it into fifths, one for each voting category - however, the same "pool_per_cat" value is also used for every format in the battle.

The third line calculates the points payout to give each participant for their rankings in both the formats and the voting categories.

Battle had 300 entries. Example person got first place in a format.
ttl_pool = 2500 + (25 * 300) = 10000
pool_per_cat = 2000
pnts = 2000 * (7 * 0.0357) = 499.8 then rounded to 500.
Person will receive 500 points for their gold format trophy.