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This article is currently only of historical interest, since PlugBot has taken an indefinite leave of absence from IRC.

PlugBot is an invention of Jangler which coexists with Strobe's IRC bot on #botb.

Commands can be invoked by any non-alphanumeric character followed by the command name at the start of a message. Using too many commands in a short time span in #botb may get you automatically kicked, and further abuse will get you a 5-minute kickban. Therefore, if you'd like to query PlugBot freely you may prefer to do so in private message or in #plugbot.

Command list

This command list may not necessarily be up-to-date, so check the output of the !commands command to see the current list of PlugBot's capabilities.

-- Meta-commands --

!apropos keywords
Lists PlugBot's commands that are relevant to keywords.

Lists all of PlugBot's commands.

Links to this page.

!whatis command
Gives a short help message for command.

-- BotB-specific commands --

!badge format OR !hosts format
Lists BotBrs who have a badge for format.

!bgrep query
If query is an integer, links to the BotB battle with that ID number. Otherwise, links to the battle whose title most closely matches query.

!egrep query
If query is an integer, links to the BotB entry with that ID number. Otherwise, links to the entry whose title most closely matches query.

Gives a random statistic about BotB.

!joogle botbr
Links to botbr's Joogle metaprofile.

Links to the Joogle ladder page.

!lgrep query OR !lyceum query
Links to the BotB lyceum article with title most closely matching query. This command is slow because the lyceum is slow.

!markov nick
Prints a Markov chain
-generated IRC message from nick (or from a random nick if the nick was not found or not specified). Due to limitations in the IRC log format, this will only work for nicks of 11 characters or less.

!tag tag
Links to the BotB tag page for tag.

!tgrep tag
Links to the BotB entry tagged with the largest instance of tag.

-- Auxiliary commands --

!ddg query
Gives the resulting URL from a DuckDuckGo
search for query. Check out the list of "bangs"
you can use to directly search many other sites.

!define word (category)
Gives the definition of word from Wiktionary
. If the optional parameter category is given (enclosed in parentheses), PlugBot will try to find a definition relevant to that category.

!hz pitch
Calculates the frequency of pitch in hertz. pitch should be specified in scientific pitch notation

!link pattern
Searches an IRC log for the last URL matching pattern.

Tells the remaining time for the current NSFMania submission or voting period.

!ruby expression
Evaluates expression in a restricted Ruby

!scgrep query
Gives the first SoundCloud track from a search for query.

!shorten url
Shortens url using Google's URL shortener (

!wolfram query (info)
Gives the result from Wolfram|Alpha for query. If the optional parameter info is given, PlugBot will try to find a result with a matching title.

-- secret commands? --


Writing a new command for PlugBot is dead simple. Simply create an executable script file (for Python, Ruby, Bash, et cetera). The script will be executed when a command with the script's filename is invoked. The channel, nick, and parameter string of the command invocation are given as the first three arguments to the program, and the script's standard output is redirected to IRC. If you've written a command you'd like to be included, just talk to Jangler on IRC.

For a !whatis help message to be printed, include a comment in the script in the format "HELP: <help message>".

Confused? See the source code
for the !tag command.