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Player Visualizer


  1. Operation
  2. Loudness Limiter
Audio on BotB is easily consumed by the player either in single track or playlist modes.


Enabling the visualizer requires finding the `Analyzer FFT Size` dropdown and selecting a value other than `disabled`. Higher FFT sizes require more cornputer power and resources whilst lower FFT sizes greatly reduces visual clarity. Both the oscilloscope and spectrogram displays fidelity are derived from the same html5 audio analyzer node.

Loudness Limiter

Some BotB entries are just too durn loud compared to others. Loudness Threshold tests are ran against every FFT data set. When any Loudness Threshold is surpassed by an audio source then the input `Governor` node automagically reduces it's gain value by 97.89%. The loudness statistics are reset to detect possible future threshold surpassment events and continue the input `Governor` node amplitude reduction mechanism operations.

Loudness Threshold has three definitions:
1) MAX > 1.0
2) RMS > 0.48 or ABV > -36
3) RMS > 0.36 and ABV > -48

MAX: the highest absolute sample value
RMS: root mean square (every sample value is squared, accumulated; the set is averaged and then square rooted)
ABV: average band value (spectrogram bands are based on decibels and compensated with +Math.log10(band_id)*12 to fix the FFT linearity falloff)

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