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Picoloop is a synth and a stepsequencer, a clone of the famous nanoloop, but with some different and unique features.

It can run on PC, sony PSP and various platforms (pocketchip, raspberry pi, Dingoo).

The step sequencer play 4 tracks simultaneously, by default each track are 16 steps long, you can set the track to be up to 128 steps. Each track has a synthengine which you can choose from:

- Psynth (default) : PicoSynth, soustractive synth with 2 oscillators (lightweight).
- SID : emulation of the MOS SID 6581/8580 soundchip (found on Commodore C64 8-bit computers), based on the resid engine
- Mdrum : MDA Drumsynth (you need the patches in the picoloop/patch/MDADrum/ folder)
- Mdiout : midi out
- Tsynth : Twytch/Helm. Needs high ressources.
- 0303 : based on Open303, a free, open source emulation of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer. Needs high ressources.
- Csynth : Cursynth, a soustractive synth with 2 oscillators. Needs high ressources.
- PBS : PBSynth, another soustractive synth with 2 oscillators (lightweight).
- Pdrum : Picodrum, for making rythms (kicks, hats, snares...)
- OPL2 : FM synthesis

For more information go to the homepage at

A complete manual and tutorial is available at

Picoloop screenshot: