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  2. A Crash Course On How To Abuse Phaser1
  3. A Crash Course On How To Abuse Phaser1, Native Tracker Edition
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The most used zxbeep (format) engine created by a (quite profilic) coder and musician, Shiru. Basically, Phaser1 is best described as a "try your best or do your worst" music creation tool, since there's sure a lot of unlistenable crap coming on it. >_>


Two tone channels, one drum channel - this can't get any more simple than that.

Then you've actually gotta notice that ch2 has a phase reset feature, as well as a possibility to use one of the many customizable instruments for it! The instrument parameters are Multiple, Detune and Phase - the more you set, the uglier the final song is gonna be! D:

And then there's this: TWO DRUM TYPES. You can either go with the digital drum feature which sounds cool and all, but silences the song as the said drums play. Plus, the resulting module will sure be slightly bigger than with... Than with the synthed drums, which are the exact opposite of the digital ones - they don't sound as cool, they don't silence the whole song, they consume less space.

So, with great power comes great responsibility - either you put the Phaser1's synthesizer on the same row as Commodore 64's SID or make it a perfect tool for creating (completely unlistenable) japanoise. <_<

A Crash Course On How To Abuse Phaser1

Well, it has kinda become a prominent feature in Beepola, so...

A Crash Course On How To Abuse Phaser1, Native Tracker Edition

Coming soon.

Tools Of The Trade


- If you're planning to OHB with it, you need to run on using the already existing instruments all over the place, be it a SID mockery or an attempt to do a hardrock song.
- Resetting the phase is advised for every time you change the instrument.
- Make sure you don't have tons of sample-based percussion that basically puts your song into the "unhearable" status. ^,^ Otherwise, you might consider using the synthed drums.

n00b wants teh instrumentz! :o

Some of the following has been kindly swagged from Beepola's online manual
and, therefore, irrlicht project, so make sure you visit this place for MORE.

SID Lead
M00 - PXX - DXX (Mister Beep uses D01). Any note from A-3 to A-5.

Tinker Echo Lead
Do two instruments with M01 - P00 - D00 and M02 - P00 - D00. Use the first as the main lead and the second one as the echo.

Guitars from Tayle's very own ZOMBAKI! song
M00 - D04 - P00. Any note from C-1 to C-3. For additional thrashiness, copy ch2 data to ch1.

Possible Inspirations For You

Use Beepola's song ripper feature on these, for your own amusement. That is, in case if you're left with .tap files instead of .bbsong sources. D=

- Just about everything by our luvly own kfaraday, but more specifically castlefort granola.
- Darkman007's Unfunny Joke
, featured at Chaos Constructions 2010 and placing first there. Features quite C64-esque arpy waves by the end of the track.
- Mister Beep's Greetings to C-64
. A perfect example of how you could abuse Phaser1 with some mach one.


There's also Phaser2! Except it's not as useable yet. And it doesn't feature digital drums, paying off with a possibility to create drum samples all by yourself.

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