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OHC is an acronym for One Hour Competition. An OHC actually lasts about 90 minutes including time for setup, the hour of composing, voting and, finally, the results. However, if a larger group plays together, some of these steps can take a while longer.

OHCs come about through chatting on IRC where most BotB communications occur. In the #BotB Channel you can query BotB_IRCbot if an OHC is currently in play by typing "!ohc". If a BotBr wants to get a link to the OHC, they can type in "!compo" and BotB_IRCbot will link the compo in the IRC. You can also get notified whenever an OHC is taking place by adding yourself to the OHC spamlist by PM'ing the BotB_IRCbot "OHC_AddMe".

Participation in IRC during OHCs isn't mandatory, but it's a lot of fun and a great way to keep in touch with the folks running the battle (as well as ask for clarification on rules, etc). Give it a try if you haven't yet!

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* Have fun!... :D

* When a format is declared all entries uploaded must be that format.

* When a sample pack is provided, all entries must only use the sounds/images provided with it - no external sounds/images allowed (unless the rules specify, e.g. an allgear OHC)

* Follow the rules of the OHC!! If a rule-breaking entry is submitted, it will most likely be down-voted by other OHCists.

* All entries must be original works. No previously uploaded battle entries or covers of songs allowed.

* All entries must be kept anonymous - BotBrs must refrain from putting their names inside entries in case of the AUDIO/CHIP OHC and BotBrs must refrain from putting their names in the PIXEL/GRAPHICS OHC files. BotBr names are appended to the entries after the OHC is over & finalized.

* The OHC lasts one hour. All entries should be uploaded before this time expires. If an OHCist needs more time to upload their entry then they can use the "Submit late" button (or add /Submit to the end of the OHC URL), but this means that the OHCist will not be able to claim any points for uploading to that OHC!! Their entry will also lose one point per minute late on their final score and this could affect their placing (effective 16 aug 2013) so submit early and be on time!!!!

*You are not allowed to premake an entry for an OHC (unless the rules specify otherwise)!

OHC Variants

Types of OHC
AUDIO/CHIP = something you can hear.
PIXEL/GRAPHICS = something you can read/see.

An OHC's title typically has little to do with what is expected of the OHC entries. However, if the OHC host declares a theme then all entries should be voted on based around that theme. Themes can be based on any sort of thing like genres, an emotion, video games, holiday humbuggery, etc.

Sample Pack
Sample packs are source files used in the AUDIO/CHIP OHC typically packaged using .ZIP or RAR formats. Sample packs are accessible once the OHC starts. Unless otherwise noted by the host, the only samples that can be used within the OHC are the ones provided. Outside samples are not allowed.

Hosting an OHB

BotBr Requirements
1. Online and present on BotB's IRC channel
2. A deposit of 750 boons.
3. At least one unlocked format.
Formats are unlocked by having 7 or more entries in that format with a score of 20 or higher from any type of battle.
4. A prepared bitpack.

Hosting Rules!

- Make sure you have enough participants before hosting an OHB. Hosting one spontaneously may result in you losing your boons and not many people will enter (this is why it is essential that you are in IRC if planning to host an OHB).

- Try and be creative with your themes. Make sure they are interesting, but also allow for creativity. "Do whatever" or "write a song" OHB's are forbidden and may result in ailments.

- Make sure that you leave enough time for people to listen to all of the entries thoroughly, and that everyone has finished voting before you close a compo (again, this is why it is essential that you are in IRC). If you are unable to close a compo for whatever reason (ie. lack of time, poor internet), ask an admin to close it, or it'll be closed automatically.

- Do not put offensive content as part of the bitpack or OHB title.

- Do not post links as part of the OHB title.

Standard Operating Procedures
1. With the preceding requirements met BEGAST an OHB
The button/link to Begast an OHB will appear on BotB's home screen below your avatar when you meet requirements 2, 3 and 4. If you start an OHB without being in the IRC channel you will most likely be given the Parasite ailment.
2. When the entry period is over fairly decide when voting will end by communicating with participants in the IRC channel.
3. When everyone is done voting tell BotB to tally the resluts.
4. Share the resluts on IRC in order of worst to best with time for people to comment in between.
5. Click the link at the top of the tally sheet to finalize the OHB.
6. If there are 3 or more entries to the OHB, the host will be rewarded hostist points and their deposit will be returned.

and Mighty BotBrs
with more than 7 badges are exempt from the 7 entry rule and can host any format they please so if you want an OHB in a format you haven't unlocked yet, just ask them and if they like it, they will gladly host it for you. There's normally an admin idling on the #botb IRC channel on EsperNet (most of them are ops of the channel) and most of them are friendly boonionaires so feel free to ask.

OHC Stages

OHCs have 3 stages:
1. Countdown -- (normally 5 minutes, but host can decide)
2. Competition -- (exactly 60 minutes)
3. Voting -- (normally 5-15 minutes, but host can decide)

1. Countdown:
During this time a countdown timer is set while the particular sample pack/rules for the competition is prepared by one of the players. This guarantees (hopefully) that no one can be ahead of others time-wise and that OHCists do not use a piece which they have been working on prior to the OHC (we trust the host creating the sample pack not to cheat on us :D).

This countdown also allows OHCists to finish up whatever they are doing at the time (work, food, games, and a long etc) in order to set up their own tools and be ready to participate. The countdown timer usually is to five minutes, but can be changed by the host depending on what the host's/other OHCists' will.

Once the countdown reaches zero (0), the sample pack/theme/rules are released to the public.

2. Competition:
During this time the sample pack, theme, and/or rules are provided to the OHCists for consideration when creating their submissions. It officially lasts for just sixty minutes. If an OHCist needs more time to upload their entry then they can use the "Submit late" button (or add /Submit to the end of the OHC URL), but this means that the OHCist will not be able to claim any points for uploading to that OHC!!

During this time you're allowed to chat on the IRC channel (of course) but please do not explicitly try to get people to vote for your song in order to win. You can also use the IRC chat as a way of checking how much time you have left by typing "!ohc".

3. Voting:
Voting does not usually take a long time because OHCs are normally very small competitions. Also there is no time to listen to each tune 2-4 times or even compare between them all that much. Because of this, decisions should be made relatively quickly so that all OHCists can see their results and claim their prizes!!

Voting is done on a scale that goes from 1 (awful) to 7 (outstanding). The highest scores are given to those OHCists whose entries adhered to the rules set for that particular OHC (format, theme, usage of the sample packs, and any other extra rules set) as well having great melodies and design. A well-made entry can get you far, but if you broke the rules of the OHC, you can expect to only get 1's and 2's from the other voters!!

Who can vote?
Any BotBr registered with the site can vote on the OHC. Note that the voter can be someone who did not compete in the OHC.

In addition, an OHCist cannot vote on their own entry, and trolls are not allowed to vote at all.

Voter Strength:
Voter strength is a "level" system among BotBrs. It causes high-leveled BotBrs' votes to have a greater influence on the final scores (a greater weight) than the votes of a low-leveled BotBr. It is implemented to ensure that no single BotBr can create multiple accounts to up-vote their own entries whilst down-voting other OHCists' entries.

For full details, read the article on Voter Strength.


What will happen if I don't submit my track on time?
You are able to submit your entry late by clicking the "Submit late" button, or by adding "/Submit" to the end of the URL. By submitting late, you will not be able to claim any points for uploading to that OHC, so beware!! Some people also downvote late entries so try to submit on time. Also the points you get after the OHC voting is complete will be reduced by one point per minute you submit late.

Oh no! My song is screwy and I forgot to check for errors before submitting! Can I resubmit?
Yes, you may resubmit (add "/Submit" at the end of the compo URL) but you will lose the 5 bonus upload points you earned from submitting the first time. Also, if you end up resubmitting after the competition period has ended and the voting period is under way, know that some BotBrs may have voted on your old glitchy version (and they may have given it a low score) so next time, be sure to check for errors before you submit!

Can I record vocals/drums/guitars/farts/etc. for use in an OHC?
Normally, no, you must use the samples provided within the sample pack. But if the rules say that you may or it is an allgear OHC, then you may do so.

Can I submit a cover song, or a song I have been working on previously?
No, you must create an all-new song within the 60 minutes provided.

It is a competition similar to an audio/chip OHC, the main difference being that visual art is created instead of music.

Can I any colour I want in a PIXEL/GRAPHICS OHC?
If the sample pack/rules include a palette, then you must only use the colours from that palette. Otherwise, feel free to use any colour you like!!

What is an ASCII OHC?
An ASCII a text-based OHC. This means you could either be set to write a story/haiku/etc., or create art using only text characters.

Despite being called an ASCII OHC, it is debatable whether characters of different encoding (e.g. Unicode) may be used. It is best to stick to ASCII to not risk being down-voted.

Can I use an ASCII generator?
Obviously, not. Voters will probably down-vote your entry if you use one.

Can I hotlink in a HTML OHC?
No, you can't.

When is the next OHC?
There is no set time for any OHC, they are hosted spontaneously (provided there are BotBrs around to participate in it). To compete in an OHC, it is best to hang around in the IRC #botb channel - that way you can talk to other BotBrs and collectively decide who will be the host of the OHC.

Do I need to vote for all of the submissions in the OHC?
Well, no, not technically. But it is common courtesy to vote on all of your fellow BotBrs' entries. It means you can claim criticist points, and the host gets hostist points. It makes everybody happy!! Plus it doesn't take very long.

But, be sure not to ever down-vote every single entry in an OHC - that will give you "troll" points. If you gain too many troll points, then you will be marked as a troll and as a consequence you will not able to vote on any more OHCs or major battles!!

Voting on fewer entries in a compo will also reduce the influence of your votes in that compo.

How much time do I have to vote for the tracks?
Well, it is dependent of the length of the entries, the number of the entries and how many times you listen every track. But remember to be considerate - you are not the only one voting.

Can I upload an NSF in an S3XMODIT?
Obviously not. If an OHC's format is S3XMODIT, you must upload either a .S3M, .XM, .IT or .MOD file - the valid filetypes are determined by the format. If you still don't understand check the FORMAT list.

How long must my song be?
However long you can make it!! All BotBrs are at different skill levels; some will have many years of experience and will be able to make around 2 minute songs or even longer, whereas newer musicians may only be able to make about 30 seconds. It is not too big of a fuss, and indeed sometimes less is more!!

Occasionally the OHC rules may specify a maximum/minimum song length, in which case that rule must be adhered to. In addition there is a filesize limit for all formats on BotB, but it is unlikely that you would encounter this problem in an OHC.

How many times I can host OHCs?
As many as you like, so long as your boons can afford it!!

How many boons do I need to host an OHC?
As aforementioned, you need a 750 boon deposit to start an OHC. As long as three or more BotBrs (you included) submit, then you will get your deposit back. It is a good idea to not start an OHC until you can be sure that three or more BotBrs will compete in it - this is why you should hang around in our IRC channel!!

What do I win?
You get some OHCist points, points from the category you entered (ie: Chipist, Mixist, Pixelist), and a medal if you place 3rd or above or a tincan if you place 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th. Also, as you compete in more and more OHCs you will gain some experience too!! But in reality it is not about who wins or who loses, but entertaining ourselves and having fun and getting to know your fellow BotBrs!! <3

P.D: all n00bz...

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