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Number points are a class of points that were given out as a result of a bug related to collaborations. If a BotBr is added to an entry as CollabDong, they're assigned to a point class and should get points from that class everytime someone listens to the entry (or downloads it). The bug caused them to earn the point class ID as points instead. The Chipist point class for example was giving out "4" Points.

List of all Number points

This is a list of all known Point types and which entries were giving them if you're assigned as a collab:

Samplist -> 1
Mixist -> 2
Chipist -> 4
Grafxicist -> 6
Hackist -> 8
Pixelist -> 10
WebDevist -> 12
Mappist -> 13
Codist -> 14

7 points were given from XHB entries randomly.

kleeder probably has every possible Number point type.

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