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Monthly Format Challenge


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The Monthly Format Challenge is a Major Battle Series with new battles every month. They feature only one format and sometimes have an extra theme or challenge. They work like regular major battles.

Previous Battles

Here's a list of all Monthly Format Challenge Battles so far, starting with the earliest:

in August 2020
Sega Master System
in September 2020
t % 256
in October 2020
MIDI Death Battle
in November 2020
A Capella
in December 2020
the guitar
in January 2021
Dungeon Synth 2E
in February 2021
AdLib Techno™
in March 2021
Game Boy Moods
in May 2021
in June 2021 and July 2021
trolval. ancient seas
in August 2021
Commodore Plus/4
in September 2021
Renoise 3.x
in October 2021
Folk Music
in November 2021
Musical Jokes
in February 2022
Drill and Bass II
in Mid-February 2022
VRC VII • Lost In Space
in March 2022

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