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Monthly Format Challenge


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The Monthly Format Challenge is a Major Battle Series with new battles every month. They feature only one format and sometimes have an extra theme or challenge. They work like regular major battles.

Usually, the battles are decided by the community through cover art majors.

Previous Battles

Here's a list of all Monthly Format Challenge Battles so far, starting with the earliest:

in August 2020
Sega Master System
in September 2020
t % 256
in October 2020
MIDI Death Battle
in November 2020
A Capella
in December 2020
the guitar
in January 2021
Dungeon Synth 2E
in February 2021
AdLib Techno™
in March 2021
Game Boy Moods
in May 2021
in June 2021 and July 2021
trolval. ancient seas
in August 2021
Commodore Plus/4
in September 2021
Renoise 3.x
in October 2021
Folk Music
in November 2021
Musical Jokes
in February 2022
Drill and Bass II
in Mid-February 2022
VRC VII • Lost In Space
in March 2022
Match Mayhem
in Mid-April 2022
Super Islands
in May 2022
Shop Themes
in Mid-June 2022
field recording
in Mid-June 2022
in July 2022
The climb of mt. 32
in Mid-August 2022
City Pop
in September 2022
in Mid-September 2022
in November 2022
in Mid-November 2022

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