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Lyceum TODO list


  1. The whatsits
  2. To be updated continuously
  3. won't do

The whatsits

- BotB needs more information about BotB 1.0 and 2.0 stuff, also compare to BotB 2.0 and threads
- GameBoy Advance needs more information
- Glossary needs a total remaster
- In regards to Flow and its applications in music composition needs a rewrite
- Phaser1 is incomplete
- sid (format) is "under construction"
- x68k (format) is "under construction"
- Tracker Effects Master List should finally be finished
- Trilo Tracker is "under construction"
- vcv_rack (format) needs video tutorial links and maybe moar information
- Vortex Tracker II same here
- IRC needs better formatting
- Music Theory - History of Modern Theory and Tonality is "under serious construction"

- every article in Construct Manifest-category needs to be updated, maybe organized better
- create article Pit Fights and merge/link with Duels
- merge threads with tournament/pit fights
- merge overview with item-page

To be updated continuously

- Battle/#Battle Series - add major battle series article and add it to list, if a major gets a sequel
- Format - if a new format is added, add it to this list as well
- List of Icons - if new icons are added
- XHB/#Stats - every new year of XHB Stats
- s3xmoditmania - if a new mania or minia is hosted
- XHB series - for new and ongoing XHB series

won't do

- remove redundant "see also" links --> "See also" section is considered useful now, so it is agressively added to each page :D