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LoopCart is an unfinished native sequencing program for the Atari 2600 and its sound chip, the Television Interface Adaptor (TIA), designed by Paul Slocum. He also has two other Atari 2600 projects on his website: a conversion cart that turns the 2600 into a synthesizer with arpeggiator and built-in patterns, and a pseudo-tracker that compiles text files into played-back music.

LoopCart is a simply-designed sequencer that utilizes the two channels of the TIA. Each channel has 4 subpatterns, of which are consisted of 8 notes. Since the 2600 controller consists of a rod and a button, to edit a value you have to hold the button down on the value you want to change, then move the stick to modify the value selected. Of note is how Paul implemented the controls found at the base of the console, as flipping the difficulty switch acts as a play/stop function. (expert = play, novice = stop)

Features such as looping songs and high hat settings were planned, but the program -- even to this day -- has remained unfinished. If you want to load this ROM into a real 2600 cart, you will need an AtariVox
memory card to store the musical data.


Download on Slocum's website,