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Little Sound Dj Effects Commands


  1. Normal Effects
  2. Channel-Specific Effects
  3. Table Effects
  4. See Also

Normal Effects

Axx - Run table
xx = Table index (Valid range = 00 - 1F)
If xx = 20: No table (bypass instrument table or stop current table)

Bxy - MayBe play note.
If x = 0: Never play note
If x = 1-F = Maybe play note (1 = unlikely, F = likely)

Notes: When used with a kit in the wave channel, x and y affect the left and right note columns, respectively.

Cxy - Arpeggio aka arps; fast note shifting in half steps.
x = Number of half steps from root note for first shift
y = Number of half steps from root note for second shift

Example: 037 = Minor chord. 047 = Major chord. 070 = Perfect 5th
View article on arps for more examples.

Notes: When y = 0, the arp lasts two ticks instead of three. Arp speed is affected by instrument CMD/RATE value.

Dxx - Delay row
xx = Amount of ticks before row is played

Gxx - Set groove (tempo pattern)
xx = Groove index
Valid range = 00 - 1F

Notes: Each channel and each table uses an independent groove.

Hxy - Hop to next/current phrase
If x = 0: Hop to row y of next phrase
If x = 1 - F: Hop to row y of current phrase
If xy = FF: Halt song

Kxx - Kill note.
xx = Ticks before note is killed.

Notes: K00 is effectively the same as a note cut event.

Lxx - Slide from previous note
xx = length of slide

Note: L is affected by instrument PITCH setting (FAST vs TICK).

Mxy - Master volume
x = Left output volume
y = Right output volume
If x or y = 0 - 7: Set absolute volume
If x or y = 8: No change
If x or y = 9 - B: Relative volume increase
If x or y = C - F: Relative volume decrease

OLR - Left/right output
If L or R is on: Left/right output of the channel is enabled
If L or R is off: Left/right output of the channel is disabled

Pxx - Pitch bend
If xx = 00: Default
If xx = 01-7F: Increase pitch
If xx = 80-FF: Decrease pitch

Note: P is affected by instrument PITCH setting DRUM, FAST, TICK, and STEP. DRUM pitch enables logarithmic pitch slide useful for kick drums, while STEP pitch applies a constant finetune value, useful for custom vibrato or microtones. When PITCH=TICK, speed is affected by CMD/RATE value.

Rxy - Retrigger note
If x = 0: Constant volume
If x = 1-7: Increase volume on each note
If x = 8-F: Decrease volume on each note
y = Ticks to wait between successive notes

Note: Ignores x on the wave channel. Speed is affected by instrument CMD/RATE value.

Txx - Set tempo
xx = Tempo value in BPM (hexadecimal)

Notes: The minimal tempo is 0x28 = 40 BPM. Tempo values below 0x27 are equal to 0xFF + tempo value up to a maximum of 295 BPM.

Vxy - Vibrato; pitch vibration.
x = Speed
y = Depth

Note: V is affected by instrument PITCH setting (FAST vs TICK). When PITCH=TICK, speed is affected by CMD/RATE.

Zxy - Randomize command
Applies the most recent command by adding a random number between 0x00 and xy to the effect value, where each digit is affected separately.

P00 followed by Z23 could apply any of the following values: P00, P01, P02, P03, P10, P11, P12, P13, P20, P22, P21, P23

Channel-Specific Effects

Exy - Volume envelope
x = Initial volume
If y = 0 or 8: Sustain
If y = 1-7: Decay, 1 being the fastest
If y = 9-F: Attack, 9 being the fastest

Applies to: Pulse 1 / 2, Noise

Exx - Wave volume setting
xx = Volume
Valid range = 00 - 03

Applies to: Wave

Fxx - Wave kit sample offset / Wave index offset.
The command argument is added to the current wave index.
xx = Sample offset (00 - 7F = positive, 80 - FF = negative) or wave index offset

Applies to: Wave

Sxy - Hardware sweep
x = Speed
If y = 1-7: Shift downward, 7 is deepest
If y = 9-F: Shift upward, F is deepest
Valid range for x = 1 - 7

Applies to: Pulse 1

Sxx - Kit loop point offset
x = Change loop point offset
y = Change loop length
If x or y = 1 - 7: Increase
If x or y = 8 - F: Decrease

Applies to: Wave (Kit instruments only)

Wxx - Set duty cycle
This effect is edited graphically under normal conditions, but sometimes the display might glitch temporarily causing numbers to be shown.
xx = Square duty cycle
-_______ = 00 = 12.5% Duty
--______ = 01 = 25% Duty
----____ = 02 = 50% Duty
------__ = 03 = 75% Duty

Applies to: Pulse 1 / 2

Wxy - Set Wave instrument speed/length
x = Speed (0 = no change)
y = Length (0 = no change)

Applies to: Wave

Table Effects

Bxy - MayBe Hop.
If x = 0: Never hop
If x = 1-F = Maybe hop to row y (1 = unlikely, F = likely)

Hxy - Table Hop.
If x = 0: Hop to row y indefinitely
If x = 1-F: Hop to row y for x times

See Also