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Little Sound Dj (LSDj) is a music tracker for the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color that runs natively on the system or in an emulator. It leaves nearly all of the Game Boy's music capabilities in the hands of the user—for this reason, it is one of the most popular Game Boy music tools. The program also sees frequent updates and has been maintained diligently for nearly two decades. It is a paid program, but demo ROMs are available if you wish to try it out.


LSDj allows the user to use all four of the Game Boy's sound channels to their fullest extent. There are two square waves, one variable-waveform/sample channel, and one noise channel (for more information on sound, see GameBoy (format)).

Instruments can be customized easily and even feature parameter automation via a feature called "tables". These allow for custom volume macros, custom arpeggios, and extra effect commands. Tables can be tied to an instrument or triggered with an effect command.

LSDj is also one of the few Game Boy music programs to support samples. It comes with samples of popular drum-kits built in, as well as a speech synthesizer. Up to two samples can be played at one time. If you don't care for the samples that are built in, additional samples can be added to your ROM with the LSDPatch
tool. This tool also allows you to patch in custom fonts and palettes if you like.

Two Game Boys running LSDj can be linked together using a link cable to double the amount of channels. In addition to this, MIDI input and output is supported—however, this feature requires an extra device such as an Arduinoboy
and only works on real hardware. This feature can be used to sync to different music programs or music hardware.


Official Website

Demo Version
(Has all features, but cannot save!)
Manuals and Documentation


LSDPatch GitHub Page
(For patching custom samples, fonts, and palettes into your ROM)
LSDManager GitHub Page
(For managing save data files)

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