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Klystrack Effects Commands


When a note is playing, an instrument program or the track data can modify various parameters by using commands.

The commands are interchangeable between the track commands and the program commands (where applicable). Most of the commands loosely follow the "standards" set by the original Soundtracker and later trackers.

The commands generally follow a pattern: the first two digits tell the action and the next two are the parameter(s) for the command.

xx, yy = parameter to command

00 xx : set arpeggio note (final played note = played note + arpeggio note + vibrato etc.)
40 xx : set absolute arpeggio note (final played note = absolute arpeggio note + vibrato etc.)
01 xx : portamento up
02 xx : portamento down
03 xx : slide to note with speed xx
04 xy : vibrato with speed of x and depth of y
07 xx : pulse width down
08 xx : pulse width up
09 xx : set pulse width
0a xy : Fade volume up by x, down by y
0b 0x : set waveform (1 = noise, 2 = pulse, 4 = triangle, 8 = saw, 9 = 1 + 8 = noise + saw etc.)
0c xx : set volume
0d xx : jump to pattern position xx (in current pattern only), makes pattern looping possible
0e 1x : fine portamento up by x
0e 2x : fine portamento down by x
0e 9x : retrigger note every x tick
0e ax : fine fade volume down by x
0e bx : fine fade volume up by x
0e cx : set volume to zero on tick x (note cut)
0e dx : start playing current note on tick x (note delay)
0f xy : set play speeds to x and y. if x is 0, set both to y
10 xy : set external arpeggio notes (used with 00f0 and 00f1 in the program)
11 xx : portamento up by one semitone
12 xx : portamento down by one semitone
17 xx : slide panning to left by xx
18 xx : set stereo panning to xx, 0 = left, 64 = center, 128 = right
19 xx : slide panning to right by xx
1a xx : fade global volume, works similar to 0axx
1c xx : set channel volume, works similar to 0cxx
1d xx : set global volume, works similar to 0cxx
1f xx : set play rate to xx
21 xx : filter cutoff up
22 xx : filter cutoff down
29 xx : set cutoff
2a xx : set resonance
2b xx : set filter type
2c xx : combined set filter cutoff and type (0x00..0x7F = lowpass, 0x80..0xFF = highpass, similar to AHX command 4xx)
2d xx : jump to the end of the current pattern
31 xx : slide buzz tuning up
32 xx : slide buzz tuning down
3f 0x : set buzz shape (0-3)
39 xx : set buzz finetune (0x80 = 0, 0x00 = -128, 0xff = 127)
3a xx : set buzz semitune (0x80 = 0, 0x00 = -128, 0xff = 127)
5x xx : start wavetable sample at offset xxx (0-fff)
6x xx : set fine cutoff frequency (0-7ff)
7d xx : restart instument program
fc 00 : trigger release
fd 00 : loop begin
fe xx : loop to previous "fd00" xx times
ff xx : go to step xx
ff fd : trigger note release
ff fe : nop (no operation)
ff ff : end program

Volume column commands

The volume column can be used to trigger some commands in addition to setting the volume.

Dx : Fade volume down (same as command 0a0x
Ux : Fade volume up (same as command 0ax0