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ImpulseTracker Effects Commands


  1. effect column
  2. volume column
These effects can be used in the pattern editor of Impulse Tracker and its clones.

effect column

Axx Set Speed
Bxx Jump to order
Cxx Break to row

D0x Volume slide down
Dx0 Volume slide up
DFx Fine volume slide down
DxF Fine volume slide up

Exx Pitch slide down
EFx Fine pitch slide down
EEx Extra fine pitch slide down
Fxx Pitch Slide up
FFx Fine Pitch slide up
FEx Extra fine pitch slide up

Gxx Portamento to note
Hxy Vibrato with speed x, depth y
Ixy Tremor with ontime x, offtime y
Jxy Arpeggio with halftones x, y
Kxx Dual command: Vibrato + Dxx (Volume slide)
Lxx Dual Command: G00 + Dxx (Portamento to and Volume slide)

Mxx Set channel volume
N0x Channel volume slide down
Nx0 Channel volume slide up
NFx Fine channel volume slide down
NxF Fine channel volume slide up

Oxx Set sample offset

P0x Pan slide down (left)
Px0 Pan slide up (right)
PFx Fine pan slide down (left)
PxF Fine pan slide up (right)

Qxy Retriggers a note after y frames with volume modifier x
Rxy Tremelo with speed x, depth y

S3x Sets vibrato waveform to x
S4x Sets tremelo waveform to x
S5x Sets panbrello waveform to x

S6x Pattern delay for x ticks

S70 Past note cut
S71 Past note off
S72 Past note fade

S73 Set NNA to note cut
S74 Set NNA to continue
S75 Set NNA to note off
S76 Set NNA to note fade

S77 Turn Volume envelope off
S78 Turn volume envelope on
S8x Set panning position
S90 Turn off surround sound
S91 Set surround sound
S9F Play sample backward
SAy Set high-offset. Check Oxx for an example
SB0 Set loopback point
SBx Loop from previous SB0 x times
SCx Note cut after x ticks
SDx Delay note for x ticks
SEx Pattern delay for x rows

Txx Set tempo to xx
T0x Tempo slide down
T1x Tempo slide up

Uxy Fine vibrato with speed x, depth y
Vxx Set Global volume

W0x Global volume slide down
Wx0 Global volume slide up
WFx Fine global volume slide down
WxF Fine global volume slide up

Xxx Set panning position (00 = left, 80 = center, FF = right)
Yxy Panbrello with speed x, depth y

Zxx Midi macro (00-7F controls filter cutoff, 80-8F controls filter resonance)

volume column

vxx Set Volume
pxx Set Panning (like Xxx, but with a decimal range of 00-64)
cxx Volume Slide Up (like Dx0)
dxx Volume Slide Down (like D0x)
axx Fine Volume Slide Up (like DxF)
bxx Fine Volume Slide Down (like DFx)
hxx Vibrato Depth (the y part in Hxy)
gxx Portamento (like Gxx)
fxx Portamento Up (like Fxx)
exx Portamento Down (like Exx)