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List of Icons
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Using Icons

To use an icon in a firki area (a comment, description, or profile bio), use the notation '[icon[iconpath] where iconpath is the filepath in the directory leading to the icon (without the file extension). This only works for .png icons.


- '[icon[liek] - an icon in the root directory of /icons/

- '[icon[flag/se] - an icon in the flag directory of /icons/

- '[icon[trophiez/trophy_mixbattle_art_g] - an icon in the trophiez directory of /icons/


Under the Hood

BotB utilizes a spriteshit to display imagery as backgrounds in <div>s. Whenever new icons are added to the library the spriteshit is regenerated. Any direct links to the spriteshit will break during this update.

Creating Format Trophiez

There are trophies made for all formats. These icons can represent an entry's rank in a battle or a BotBr's badge progress. There are also icons that represent an unearned badge once a BotBr has a single entry in that format towards their badge in said format.

When new formats are constructed usually only the base icon is created to represent each format. Most contemporary trophiez are made by BotBrs. It's very important to follow some basic conventions to get your trophiez accepted into BotB.

Usage of the following palette is required :

Each row of colors is for a specific trophy (or unearned) icon type.
The brightest and darkest colors should only be used for highlighting or shading respectively.
Unearned badge icons should be grayscale and low contrast so they appear duller than the silver trophy.
All icons must be 8-bit .png files with transparency.
Please follow the naming convention shown below when saving.

GOLD : trophy_(format_token)_g.png
SILVER : trophy_(format_token)_s.png
BRONZE : trophy_(format_token)_b.png
UNEARNED : (format_token).png

Icon Art

Are you looking for to make your botbr profile prettier? take a look here: Bio Art to see a tutorial on how to make pixel art with the BotB icons and text ASCII art for your bio! they may also work for common forum posts too.

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