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Hostist (class)


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A hostist is a master of battles.

A BotBr earns Hostist points by successfully operating either a Minor Battle (usually an OHB) or a Major Battle (e.g. Winter Chip) for other BotBrs to compete in. A BotBr's Class will become Hostist when they have more Hostist points than any other point class upon levelling up. A Hostist is represented with the following icon:

Earning Points

• Several points are awarded for hosting a OHB that received three (3) or more submissions.

The points awarded is calculated using the following: (entryCount * 5 + 1)

Earning Boons

b1.75 + (BotBr INF * 10)n per entry
5n per battle view
Bonus Boons: entry_count * 7 * (host-influence / 10) after closing the battle

If you dont close an XHB yourself, the deposit is lost, as well as the hostist points! The BotBr who closes the battle gets the bonus boons though.

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