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The good old front page of BotB! Reachable by clicking on that sexy logo in the upper left corner right above this article.
You can reach all the important things this site has to offer.

- Home: wanna get recursive? Cause thats what'll happen if i try to explain this...
- Forum: An overview of the newest Posts. (Threads, Entries, Profiles, everything!!) Perfect, if you wanna check what happened while you were away!
- Browser: A Possibility for you to find cool new music, art and what else the site has to offer. Simply doable by selecting a format and a filter!
- Lyceum: The glorious BotB Wiki! (You're reading one of its articles just now!)
- Arena: An overview of all battles that ever happened!
- Barracks: Top Lists of every (common) Point Class. If you find yourself in one of these lists, you're probably a very cool BotBr!
- Chats: Direct Link to the IRC-Webchat! Come and join the fun.
- RNG: The RNG (Random Node Goto-er) button redirects you to a random page out of these 4 categories: Entry, BotBr, GroupThread or Lyceum!
- BotB Radio: A random generated playlist of entries with Score+Favs>30. Enjoy teh cool music!

The left column

Depending on your level and status, the options here are different, so dont wonder too much, if a thing is listed here but not on your Home Bunk!
- Home Bunk: BotB really likes to link to its front page!
- Alerts: All the important stuff that happens on your profile and entries is listed here!
- Begast: Time to host! This option only shows up, if you're meeting all the hosting requirements for XHBs, including boons.
- Badges: A list of all your Badge Progresses.
- Edit Profile: Bio updates, Website URL updates and New Avatar Selection!
- Settings: Important Stuff!
- Palettes: Make BotB colorful again!

The middle column

- Current Stream: Sometimes, you might see an embedded Livestream on the front page. That could be either a synclisten or a reslut stream. No matter what it is, you really should check it out!
- Current Battles: A list of ongoing battles ordered by their ending time. If you're looking for a good competition, here's what you're looking for!
- Bulletins, News & Development: Same as the Forum (see above) but only Bulletins and Major Battle Threads are listed here.
- Entry Activity: Everytime, an entry gets a new heart or a new comment, it shows up on top of this list. If that's the case, you might also want to tag it with "trending" if you feel like it.
- Battle Activity: New Major Entries and OHB Winning Entries are listed here.

The right column

- BotBrs online: Take a stalking look at everyone who's browsing the site atm
- bandcamp: A collection of every Major Battle's best entries! Managed and updated by the one and only Chip Champion!
- Recent battles: The most recent battles, just so you know if you missed a lot of fun!
- Donate: If you really enjoy this site, any donations would be highly appreciated! (but only if you want of course!) It's a PayPal-Link!

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