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Guide to Rendering

This is a step-by-step tutorial for conversion from an original music format, to an MP3 render for easier listening.

First of all, You can add render to your own track, but to post a render on someone else entry, you need BotB level 11+.

You can use Audacity for conversion from WAV to MP3.

MIDI - Open Audacity and open your MIDI in Windows Media Player, set Audacity to record from your output, and while recording, play the midi!

S3XMODIT/AMIGAMOD/<x>k - If you use OpenMPT for tracking, you can simply export as lossy. However, most trackers only export to WAV.
Use Audacity to convert to MP3.

OR! Use to convert in one step!

NSF/NSF+: Use Famitracker to export your FTM to WAV, and convert. OR! Use NSFPlay or an online source to do it from an .nsf!

MARIOPAINT: Open the .SHO is MarioPants, export to .WAV, convert.

PANDA: Press F9 to export to WAV, and convert.

SUNVOX: Export to WAV, convert.

GAMEBOY/SNES/SEGA/COMMODORE 64/PC-ENGINE/YMU: In Deflemask; Options -> E WAV. Convert.

ZX BEEPER: In Beepola; Tools -> Compile to WAV file. Convert.

ADLIB: In Adlib Tracker II; Alt-F2 to save to module, convert with

RENOISE: Export to MP3.