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Goggles are very useful to protect your eyes from harsh Winter Chip weather, welding sparks, and other things that are bad for them

This cat from Soviet Russia wears the most fashionable goggles for protecting himself when he works at a metallurgy plant. You should learn from him.

BotB is not responsible for any damage to your eyes or eyesight as a result of use of this website. The world is a dangerous place, and you will need your eyeballs. Trust us, we're all doctors here.

List Of "Active" Goggle Users

(please keep it alphabetically sorted)

- Agentflit
- ASIKWUSpulse
- Baron Knoxburry
- captainmarmalad
- CastleNes
- Cepukka
- Chip Champion
- DevEd
- dj_snksonaplane
- Jakerson
- JonBro
- kleeder
- kulor
- miau (hey, that's a BotBr, not what the cat in the picture said!)
- n0dl
- petet
- Public Toilet
- QuaQ
- RadamLee
- sammie
- Sloopygoop
- Soiled Bargains
- Trreck
- TrippleP
- trough
- xaimus
- xterm
- zeekay
- Zlew

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