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Common BotB Terminology and Jargon

*Please note that some items are links, while others are simply bolded.

arps - Arpeggios; harmonies which have each note played in a quick sequence. Also known as ornaments.

bbsong - Song file for the music tracker Beepola.

boons - The currency of BotB.


BotBr - Battle of the Bits useR.

chiptune - A piece of music created with, or emulating the style of, simple sound chips (integrated circuits) used in early home computers and video game consoles. Chiptunes can be categorized by the hardware used to create them, see Arena
-> formats.

completionist - One who would complete every format in a multi-format battle. See also: The Hall of Completionists

firki - Special markup syntax for use in descriptions, posts, and the lyceum.

ftm - Source file for the music tracker FamiTracker.

Goggles - Effective eye protection. Provided by Goggle Cat, a new service by Goggle, the glassiest search engine in the world! To get its full potential, you will need a Goggle+ account plugged into BotB.

- Internet Relay Chat is a protocol used for creating a multi-user chat room. BotB's home can be found on at #botb. You will need an IRC client to connect.

ironing - To remove wrinkles from clothes using a heated tool. Also, a frequent euphemism for AFK in the current unfortunately former #botb meta.

- Lyceum is an antiquated term for a lecture hall or educational institution. At BotB, the lyceum houses a wide variety of informative articles.

mml - A text based music composition language.

nsf - Sound file for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and its 2A03 sound chip (including various expansion chips). There are several tools that can export nsfs.

OHB - One Hour Battle. OHC is an older variant, but it's still used as a synonym to the former.

opl - A series of FM synthesis sound chips by Yamaha. See Adlib (OPL)
for further disambiguation. In addition to adlib (format), OPL* and OPN* are also used in pc-x801 (format) and sgen (format), and an OPLL clone can be used in nsfplus (format) in the form of the VRC7.

rmt - Stands for: Raster Music Tracker
. See link for more information.

Scrub - A scrub acts in ways that are detrimental to BotB and its community. Please do not act like a scrub!

smeesh - Refers to the multiplayer tower defense game "creep smash," which was frequently played by several botbrs. When the servers went down for the original, BotB came together and modified the source code for an even more intense version. See Smeesh+Hotkeys for hotkeys and further smeesh assistance. As of 1/24/11, the smeesh articles are still a work in progress.

sluts - IRC slang for "I am formally requesting results of the current OHB good sir host."

tia - The sound chip of the Atari 2600, the never-to-be-OHB'd sound chip. ,_, Short for "Television Interface Adapter." See Atari for more information.

Tincan - Tincans are awarded for placing 4th to 7th. Both tracks and voting categories are ranked for major battles, making it possible to get multiple cans for one entry. Or several for one BotBr, at that.

- A vertically scrolling music sequencer, comprised of (generally) monophonic channels. See List_of_trackers for a variety of trackers for a variety of BotB formats.

vgm - Sound file for the Sega Master System (SMS) and Game Gear and several variations of the PSG sound chip. VGM is ALSO used as a filetype for Sega Genesis/Megadrive music, both YM2612 only and YM+PSG and samples. To further add to the confusion, VGM can be used as an abbreviation for "Video Game Music." This could refer to music from an actual game, or music stylistically similar to such.

xrns - Source file for the music tracker Renoise.

yiffxel - A portmanteau of "yiff
" and "pixel." The term was coined by athaudia
, and the art form is frequently practiced by zanzan

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