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As you may know the GAME BOY Camera is a "game", but the fun part comes when you compose short music in the DJ-Mode with a little game sequencer called Trippy-H. Here are some tips and tricks you may know if you want to compose some short loops there or just spits some sounds on live. The Trippy-H use 4 channels, Sound 1 (for the square 1 channel), Sound 2 (as the WAV channel), Noise (as the noise channel) and the last one called SE, which is the square 2 and is used as a sound effect channel.


* To go inside the Trippy-H, press SELECT. To move inside the Trippy-H, use the PAD and to Edit each value, just hold A and move the PAD. To jump into another Sound or channel, just press SELECT.
* To play a song, just press START.
* Save a beat, press B and then A.
* Quit DJ-MODE without save anything, just press B and B again
* Up and down the tempo, just press UP (for tempo goes up) and DOWN and tempo will go down.
* In the main, Sound I, Sound II and Noise can be turn it OFF/ON, fade in/out, by pressing UP or DOWN.
* In the SE (Sound Effects) you will find 9 sounds. To select them move UP or DOWN the pad. And to play them, just press A. Here is a little description of each SE:
---1) Some kind of Tweet-tweet.
---2) Similar to the sound 1 but with a high pitch.
---3) Drum Kick, it's a heavy drum kick!.
---4) Some kind of bonnus sound with a delay.
---5) The classical "boom droped".
---6) The inverse of sound 5 (boom droped). So it goes up.
---7) Some space sound, it really goes crazy. And if can goes FOREVER. Some times you get some weirds sounds from that.
---8) Some another crazy space sound. This is similar to the SE 7, but this one goes UP forever and ever.
---9) A child song, which i don't remember the name, if you know it, just edit this article.

* To sync with whatever tool, without any cable or other complication, it's really simple, Just Use the same tempo or double or triple templo, based on the TRIPPY-H tempo. For example if you have the value 90 (in tempo), you can use in the other tool (such as LSDJ, NANOLOOP, PIGGY or whatever), 90/180/270 bpm, and then just press play at the same time in boths programs. This is a simple way to sync without much complicaiton, just need practice.


* Reverse the Beats
Move the cursor onto the tempo. Press LEFT to reverse the music at any point in the loop.

* Pitch UP & DOWN
Move all the way to the right and press and hold RIGHT+UP (pitch goes up an Octave) or RIGHT+DOWN (pitch goes down an Octave). If your based on C2, the pitch wont goes down than that, same as C4-C5.

* Scratch the Record
Move your cursor all the way to the right and keep pressing RIGHT on the D-PAD as many times as you wish to scratch it.

* Print Sheet Music
Go to the Sound 1 screen by pressing SELECT. To print your tracks, hold down the Start button and press A. In a few seconds it will start to print out a strip containing the settings for the song you wrote.

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NOTE: if you know any other trick or you have any other tip, just write it down :).