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Future BotB Battle Formats


  1. List of Battle Ideas
  2. General List of Format Proposals
  3. List of Music Format Proposals
  4. List of Art Format Proposals
  5. List of Mappist Format Proposals
  6. See also

*** This article currently works as a Construct_Manifest!!

In this article, we try to list all ideas for Battles and Formats! It was initially created to collect ideas for BotB 2.0

List of Battle Ideas

- still needs to get reimplemented

- a one on one battle

NASA Battle (Post)
- NASA is completely open source; audio/video

Hip-Hop/Rap (Thread)
- could probably get merged with poetry slam

Poetry Slam
- text to speech allowed
- backing bongo tracks optional

GXSCC Major (Thread)
- Wildchip format
- entry upload in MIDI format
- GXSCC output for the MP3 render


Wavetable Madness (Thread)
- PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16
- Gameboy
- NSF+ (N-163 and FDS)
- PxTone
- mod(x)k
- Wildchip

love song major (Thread)

Autumn Jams (Thread)

Tracker animation compo (Thread)

FM vs Sampling (Post)

Collab Only (Post)

Sine Wave Only (Post)

Strobecore Major (Post)

ST-01 Remix Battle (Post)

Micro Tracks (Post)

NES Gauntlet (Post)

General List of Format Proposals

Wildcard/Joker Format (Thread)
- for something's that doesnt have its own format (yet)

wavepot (Codist) (Thread)

- probably already monopolized by minigame comp
but maybe the communities could work together

adventure games
- Adventure Game Studio
is free and it would be interesting to see what teams/clans of BotBrs could come up with 1-3 months time

List of Music Format Proposals

PSPseq (Thread)

KSS (MSX home computer) (Thread)

Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3

Yamaha XG MIDI
Preliminary Lyceum article

Mario Paint Composer (Thread)

BoscaCeoil (Thread)

Minecraft Note Block Studio (Thread)

GameBoy Advance (Thread)

Commodore PET (Thread)

List of Art Format Proposals

BotB (Thread)

List of Mappist Format Proposals

Super Mario World (Thread)
file types - .bps .ips


Using Lunar Magic to create custom rom hacks of Super Mario World. Lunar Magic is completely free and able to load the Super Mario World Rom File. Getting the SMW Rom itself is fairly easy... searching for "smwOrig.smc" on Google gives a lot of results.
Since uploading the Rom itself might not be completely legal, it is recommended to use the tool FLIPS
to create a patch file (.bps) and upload that. (patches are legal)
(Older patch-files uses .ips extension)
Everyone else can then use this patch file with the smw-rom to create the working and customized rom, which can be played on a snes-emulator like ZSNES or Snes9x or on real hardware if you have... things to make it work lol.

TrackMania Nations Forever (Thread)
file types - .gbx

Galgox shared a lot of information about this here!
I'll copypaste the most relevant information:

This is a free-to-play racing game that features a custom track builder. Tracks are stored as .gbx files, which shall be the file format required. Any custom track you build is saved to a folder named "TrackMania" which is located in your documents directory. All your user data for the game is stored in there. For custom tracks, they are specifically stored in TrackMania\Tracks\Challenges\My Challenges.

You can put any custom track you download and save it to TrackMania\Tracks\Challenges and it'll be ready to play in solo mode.

Official Site!

It can be downloaded on Steam
or here
You need to create an account to play it though (or is there another way to get it working?)

Stepmania (Thread)
file types - .zip

is a rythm game, where you can create "maps" for a music track. It's basically a rythm game, where you have to press buttons along with the music or beat to get a good score. As already mentioned by other users, the submissions should be limited to BotB entries only. The game itself is also completely free. I wasnt able to get it working correctly though, so if any of the information here is invalid, feel free to correct me :x
But from what i understand, you need to create a folder for your song (which will be submitted later as zip) and put the mp3 in it together with .pngs of wallpapers that will be used in the game while you're playing the map and a .sm-textfile, which contains the actual map-information. Setting up the file is explained here
, though it didnt work for me, maybe i did something wrong *shrug*
After you set up a raw-file, you have to open the game and select the blank song. You can now create your own level for it.
Would be good to not put the mp3 into the zip for the final submit, since its already on BotB.

Line Rider (Thread)
file types - .json

Line Rider is a website for creating "movies" of a little person on a sleigh, which is riding over lines synced to a music track. The creation of those maps is done completely on the website
. Choose an mp3-file from your computer and start drawing lines. You're able to save your course into a json file, which can be loaded by the website. The mp3 isnt saved obviously, so for OHBs it would be required to set one specific botb entry to use or to link the entry in the description, if you're uploading it to a major.
Since you cant really "play" the map by yourself after its finished but only watch it like a movie, i dont know if its really fitting for a Mappist format though... maybe its more of a Grafxicist format? hmmmmm

Minetest (Thread)
file types - .zip


As Flaminglog said here, it's the open-source and free alternative of Minecraft. I tested it and it works good! Worlds are stored in different folders in the subdir /worlds. Submitting this world folder as a .zip would be required. The file size for a new created world is around ~2MB zipped, could be more if you create a lot of stuff, idk. But 10mb should be enough i guess.. same goes for every other suggested format!

Minecraft (Thread)
- Minetest is probably the better solution

Clone Hero (Thread)
Free, cross-platform Guitar Hero clone for PC; only supports guitar, but has Gamepad Mode for oldschool dualshock players or keyboard players who don't want to strum.

charts can be created with Moonscraper
, Editor on Fire
or REAPER (with RBN Tools); all of these tools are free
the distributed file would be a .zip file containing a notes.chart/notes.mid file (format depends on the tool used, both are supported), song.ini and song.mp3 file (optional maybe since it can be gotten on BotB)

Phase Shift (Thread)
Free Guitar Hero / Rock Band clone, supports more instrument than Clone Hero does (Drums, Pro Keys, Pro Guitar for instance). Also support MIDI controllers so if you want to play Drums with an electronic drumkit, or keys with a midi keyboard, you can.

charts can be created with Editor on Fire and Reaper (with RBN tools), and distributed in a similar way to clone hero charts (except .chart files aren't supported).

you can play phase shift customs on clone hero (if they have guitar, bass or keys track), but clone hero customs won't always work on phase shift (they probably will if it uses a .mid file instead of a .chart file; plus you can convert .chart to .mid using EoF).

knytt stories/knytt stories+ (Post)
- knytt.bin file format

Chip's Challenge (Post)
- freeware clone (Tile World) that can load custom levels

Super Mario War

Voxlap maps (Post)
- .vxl maps
- used in Voxlap engine games like Ace of Spades!
- now hosted on BuildandShoot, they basically consist of Blocks of any color in a 512x512x64 map
- There are many editors for .vxl maps but the original Voxed editor is pretty decent
- Also there is a tool that can convert a heightmap and a colormap into a .vxl map

Mega Man Romhacking (Post)

Duke Nukem 3D (Post)
- .map

- fun puzzle game
- link

MegaZeux (Post)
There's something called a Blitzkreigzeux (BKZX) which is exactly this, although it allows for outside module music and sound effects.

Klotski (Post)

Jetpack (Thread)
- old shareware-turned-freeware DOS game (yay for DOSBox)

ZZT (Thread)

Snarf (Thread)
- with source code available but maybe not classified as open-source

Kye (Thread)
- old windows 3.1 donationware, has many free cross-platform clones such as the rather accurate Python Kye

Xye (Thread)
- basically Kye on drugs, and it's open-source & cross-platform

Maze making (Thread)
- you'd upload either an image or a text file, just be careful as people would probably use maze generators

Age of Empires (Thread)
- sadly it's not free and it's not available on not-windows so maybe not so accessible

Red Alert 1 (Thread)
- apparently this IS free now - also available for DOS

Everybody Edits (Thread)
- editable adoobie flush platformer game, would probably attract collabs

Cube (Thread)
- open-source cross-platform FPS which you edit on the fly

ZQuest (Post)
file type - .qst

(It was a long time ago I've visited the site so I'm not sure if this is the right one, it has changed some but the background wallpaper is familiar)

Comes bundled with the LoZ PC emulator Zelda Classic. ZQuest.exe is not only a "level-editor", it's capable of making a completely custom game from the ground with texture-editor, map-editor, scripts, etc. (Note that it's formed after LoZ-engine, so it's a bit locked to the RPG-style that it is). Fun fact: files can even be locked with a password LOL
ZC.exe (or could be ZClassic.exe) is the LoZ emulator itself, that has the ability to load the .qst upon creating a new game in the menu ingame.

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