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Faust Music Creator


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Faust Music Creator is a simple textmode tracker for the adlib OPL2 soundchip

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Faust Music Creator is a flexible and easy-to-use music program for ADLIB-compatible soundcards. It lets you create up to 8-channel musical scores while taking full use of all the features and parameters in FM sound synthesis.

FMC is a typical "tracker" music program because the music is built with 64-note patterns which are then put into a specific order.

However, it is different from most composing programs in the way that it has no pull-down menus, buttons or mouse control. All commands are accessible from keyboard and in the long run that means maximal speed and ease of use. Just take some time, and you'll get it down.

Quick set up

Download here: Faust Music Creator donload

Good quick tutorial

Also see the Fmc.doc text file, included in the pouët donload.

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