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FastTrackerII Effects Commands


  1. Effects Column
  2. Volume Column
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***note: the following commands don't actually exist and they are just artificial openmpt specific commands: EFx, X5x, X6x, X9x, XAx, Yxx, Zxx***

Effects Column

0xx Arppegio
1xx Portamento up
2xx Portamento down
3xx Portamento to note
4xx Vibrato
5xx Tone portamento + Volumeslide
6xx Vibrato + Volumeslide
7xx Tremolo
8xx Set panning position
9xx Sample offset
Ax0 Volumeslide up
A0x Volumeslide down
Bxx Jump songposition
Cxx Set volume
Dxx Pattern break
E1x Fine portamento up
E2x Fine portamento down
E3x Set glissando control
E4x Set vibrato control
E5x Set fine-tune
E6x Pattern loop
E7x Set tremolo control
E9x Retrig note
EAx Fine volumeslide up
EBx Fine volume slide down
ECx Note cut
EDx Note delay
EEx Pattern delay
Fxx Set speed / tempo
Gxx Set global volume
Hxx Global volume slide
Kxx Key off
Lxx Set envelope position
Pxx Panning slide
Rxx Retrigger with volume slide
Txx Tremor
X1x Extra fine portamento up
X2x Extra fine portamento down

Volume Column

+x Volumeslide up
-x Volumeslide down
Ux Fine volumeslide up
Dx Fine volumeslide down
Sx Set vibrato speed
Vx Vibrato
Px Set panning position
Lx Panning slide left
Rx Panning slide right
Mx Tone portamento

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