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FastTracker II


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FastTracker 2 was started in June 1993 by Fredrik Huss and Magnus Högdahl.
Their ambition was to write a music program that could set a new standard in the 'confused PC-scene'. They found there were too many programs out there, all with a new module format, and wrote FT2 so that it could last for a few years, except from hardware updates.

FastTracker II Clones
- MilkyTracker
- Skale Tracker

Similar Trackers
- Famitracker - similar effects, earlier versions had same keyboard commands
- Renoise - allows importing of .xm and .xi data but not exporting


It is a sample based tracker for DOS. Being inspired by ProTracker for Amiga it uses a superset of it's effect commands: FastTrackerII Effects Commands.

Quick set up

Download here: (this is not a link to a .zip file; you have to choose a location)

FastTracker II has good documentation. Open it in an office document editor, like Writer or Word to get the right mark-up.

FastTrackerII Effects Commands

There is no development anymore, pouet for historic conservation

See also

- Tracker
- List of Trackers
- s3xmodit (format)