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  1. How to use
  2. foo_input_fmpmd
  3. inFMPMD
is a software for playing PC-x801's .M and .M2 PMD files on Windows. Uses fmgen
for FM sound generation

How to use

First download FMPMDE2000
and PMDWin.
Then download the OPNA Rhythm Sound Source (RSS) samples

Extract all of them into the same folder and then you can already use it for music playback :DD

Things you might want to configure

Check SSG+Rhythm to turn on the RSS as it's necessary for most songs (and must be turned off for some).

On the window menu you can open windows such as Playlist, Part Mask (if you want to turn on/off channels [you can do it by pressing from 1 to - on the keyboard]) and Volume adjustment for each part [you can't change each channel's volume, though].

On File -> Environment Setting you can change things such as the sound device and change the directory for PCM and RSS (if you didn't want to extract it to the same folder as FMPMD2000).

If you don't want a looped song to play forever, go to Environment Setting -> Sound(2) and check "Auto fadeout and stop for each music". Change how much loops do you want to hear and the fadeout lenght as you wish.

On FMPMD.ini, change Frequency to 55467 and FMCalc55k to 0. This will remove some unwanted noises on the FM sounds while making them still sound right. After doing this, do not change anything in Envoronment Setting, since it'll reset the frequency to whatever it's selected.


After setting up FMPMD you can use its components for playing PMD files on foobar!
1 - Download foo_input_fmpmd

2 - Extract it to [foobar's installation folder]\components\
3 - Open foobar then go to File -> Preferences -> Tools -> FMP/PMD Input Settings
4 - On Driver Modules Location, as well as Rhythm Samples Location, point it to FMPMD2000's folder.
5 - On PMDWinDriver settings uncheck Use PPS and check OPNA Rhythm with SSG Effect (must be reversed for some songs, but there are more tracks that need this than vice versa).


Same as foobar, Winamp can be used for PMD files playback:
1 - Download inFMPMD

2 - Extract it to [Winamp's installation folder]\Plugins\
3 - Copy PMDWin.dll and the 2608 Rhythm samples and paste both on the Winamp's plugin folder.
4 - On Winamp, go to Options->Preferences->Plugins->Input, click inFMPMD v1.4.0, then on Settings below. On the Mixer tab disable "Enable PPS" and turn on "RHYTHM with PPS" (must be reversed for some songs, but there are more tracks that need this than vice versa).

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