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  1. Where it is?
  2. What is it?
  3. How to vote?
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"Entry of the Day" is a feature introduced in August 2020 on the frontpage of BotB website. BotBs can vote for a track, and hope it will be selected.

Where it is?

It is on the frontage of BotB website, both for PC and mobile phone

What is it?

it is basically a jukebox where any user can decide wich track will be rendered, uploaded on Youtube and displayed for everyone on the homepage

How to vote?

For now, entries are selected by puke7. These are the requirements:

- botbr must be level (6, 8, or 9? or higher?)
- entry must have radio status (score + favorites >= 30)
- entry must not have a preexisting yt render
- entry must not already be in the render queue


The video renderer doesn't handle collabs or unicode characters yet.

See also

- Discussion thread: here

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