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  1. Creep Smash Hotkeys
  2. Functions
  3. Tower Build
  4. Tower Function
  5. Tower Strategy
  6. Creep Send
  7. Creep Function
  8. See Also

Creep Smash Hotkeys

I figure, for reference, I would keep the original hotkeys of the game available for comparison. (we might want to move them to their own article at some time)
I'd also like to point out that some of the hotkeys are a little odd. The creep Zeus is 'y' where I think 'z' should be used (but I memorized it anyway) and the strategy hot keys are awkward as well.


f1 Help
f2 Sound on/off (default on)
f3 Anti-Aliasing on/off (default off)

Tower Build

g Basic Tower
h Splash Tower
j Slow Tower
b Rocket Tower
n Speed Tower
m Ultimate Tower

Tower Function

u Upgrades Tower
i Sell Tower

Tower Strategy

o Weak
p Hard
k Close
l Fast
0 Far
9 Lock

Creep Send

1 Mercury
2 Mako
3 Fast Nova
4 Large Manta
q Demeter
w Ray
e Speedy Raider
r Big Toucan
a Vulture
s Shark
d Racing Mamba
f Huge Titan
y Zeus
x Phoenix
c Express Raptor
v Fat Colossus

Creep Function

shift + creep hotkey Send Creep Wave

See Also

Smeesh Hotkeys

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