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  1. Most Taggable Cores
  2. Notable Non-author Cores
While in actual music, for example, "breakcore" means a more insane variation of DnB, BotB uses the suffix "-core" to define an author's trademark style, with all the quirks and details unique to it. Quite a frequent target on the otherwise rare "emulate an X" OHBs. If a memorable word or phrase is used in a song's description or title, it will often be tagged wordcore. Also known generally as "authorcore".

Most Taggable Cores

Breakcore with half-robotic, half-harmonic melodies (the proportions might vary on different tracks), which is taken over by less than a minute of chaotic percussion. Usually uses overclocking to achieve cool effects, and often uses arps with puleswidth modulation. Also, often in minor key. Tends to not sound like any other entry in the format strobecore occurs. Any format. Oh, and so you know, it sometimes features fakeouts. Also known as "THIS IS BY STROB" and "wafflecore" and "waffles" oh my.

Description 1:
I'd like to describe that, but that's entirely impossible for a regular human mind! Wait, you still want it? Well... Let's say that the rhythm here is never consistent, and most of the tones are so atonal they look tonal after all, and the result sounds just as insane as this piece for player pianos
. There, I'm done.
Description 2:
Lots of counterpoint and key changes and phrases that end with hard pitch slide down. throw some just intonation in there. often some clear central motif decorated with fast ornaments.

Take Heosphoros's songs, put them on crack, plague them with roboenza and you get taylecore. In other words, taylecore is chipmetal that tends to be really loud and feature several elements of techno. Tends to sound less rich during the OHBs. So far, the best specimen were heard as NSFs and AYMs.

As null1024 himself describes it, "silly octave bass, 4/4 kick,
snares maybe, then randomtrack a lead over it. Now you too can make nullmusic! Also, multi-channel echo on everything but the drums."
That, and the melody tends to get more complicated as the track progresses.

Tends to vary between entries (even if they're still made by goluigi), but most of the time, they're happy, cheerful and random-sampled sondongs, often done in Mario Paint. Rarely, though, it just refers to insanely long and nonsensical titles, see titlecore below.

Basically, everything Svetlana makes sounds like really oldschool demomusic (be it by Commodore 64's standarts, or by Amiga's, or by ZX Spectrum's), complete with the simple chord progressions, melodic/randomly-melodic leads and (in case it's a chiptune) lots of background arps!

Usually does odd time signatures for his entries. Extended chords, and short wide vibrato and slow pitch bends usually at the start of phrases. often uses a lead with high frequency multiplier. prominent basslines and drum patterns and the like, as well as a good amount of Sonic influence. That also happens to mean FM Synth whenever possible, and good FM Synth at that.

very cool and nice.



Sammies keygen style that consists of a simple chord base that isn't afraid to branch out cool turns. Drums are laid in a generic but groovy rhythm. Leads are very recognizable, nearly always uses the blues- and/or minor-scale, with characteristic turns. Bass very prominent and funky, often counters as a "bass-lead", also with characteristic turns. Chord-instruments stabs like a brass-sections, and arps aren't uncommon either. Instruments are most of the time samples and chips, since the style is most commonly used in her tracking, though there is one midi-entry using the style.

Vites sorcery of Bogdan Raczynski core - pretty much always idm/braindance with no limits on what you do with a tracker. Be it using all pitch and volume manipulating effects on everything, or doing pattern-spasmer with position-jump and pattern-break, still with rhythm in thought. That's nihilismcore.

Notable Non-author Cores

The entry sounds soooo average it deserves a place somewhere in the middle of the OHB results chart. As a matter of fact, it gets a Tincan and hence the song's tag.

"oh hai, i suk so much so plz vot this 4 ze last plays kthxbai! =DDD"

Anything having to do remotely with waffles. However, this is mostly synonymous with the strobecore tag.

It's so long it just barely fits your whole monitor. :c

Sometimes, instead of writing one sentence on what they feel, BotBrs tend to spawn whole essays on their major entries! KungFuFurby's entries are notable examples.

Woah, you drew another BotBr! That's really nice of you to do! :D