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While in actual music, for example, "breakcore" means a more insane variation of DnB, BotB uses the suffix "-core" as a way to tag an entry that seems to follow some sort of popular trend on this website.

Notable Cores

This is a generalized term for the most popular kind of "-core". It refers to an entry that either sounds typical of an author's style, or in some instances, of another author's style (either an accidental or intentional pastiche).
The list for all the "author"cores is non-exhaustive and therefore is not listed on this page, but a general idea of what this -core can be is for example, strobecore.
Feel free to tag any entry that you think fits in this category as [authorname]core!

Woah, you drew another BotBr! That's really nice of you to do! :D
Originally this was known as 'avatarcore' before 2020.

The entry sounds soooo average it deserves a place somewhere in the middle of the OHB results chart. As a matter of fact, it gets a Tincan and hence the song's tag.

"oh hai, i suk so much so plz vot this 4 ze last plays kthxbai! =DDD"

Sometimes, instead of writing one sentence on what they feel, BotBrs tend to spawn whole essays on their major entries! KungFuFurby's entries are notable examples.

When a BotBr draws themselves or otherwise does some form of self-reference in their own art entry.

There was plenty 'o time but somebody decided to do the nerve wracking option to make an entry in an hour for a battle that last longer than an hour! :D

Penaltycore entries are entries with abysmal scores and net losses in experience due to the late penalty. Some of them are due to resubmits, creating the subcore resubmitcore; others underflow into negative numbers, netting the other subcore of negativecore.

It's so long it just barely fits your whole monitor. :c
alternatively, the entry title is so good that the entry doesn't matter anymore.

Anything having to do remotely with waffles.