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  1. Account Management
  2. Profiles
  3. Entries
  4. Badges
  5. Firki
  6. Palettes
  7. Boons
  8. XHBs
  9. BotB Dynamics
  10. NPCs
  11. RPG-Elements
  12. Inventory and Items
  13. Battle Systems
  14. Favs
  15. Voting
  16. IRC
  17. Lyceum
  18. BotB Radio
  19. Clans
  20. Misc
  21. List of unfixed Bug Reports
  22. See Also
BotB Lyceum serves many purposes. One of which (could) be the amalgamation of ideas on a specific BotB feature. BotBrs can deliver two cents until the fog rises for actual implementations. The following layout is suggested --

Summary --Top portion with working idea amalgamation synopsis seperated from the rest of the article by some :


Ideas -- Newest ideas on top seperated by some :


Please write in seperate app and then copy & paste in case someone else is also editing...

g0g00g0g0g0g0g000! =P

Here's a (hopefully complete) list of all open feature requests from the Forum Pages. Some of them have additional lyceum pages. If you notice a feature that is now implemented but still listed here, pls remove it :D/

Account Management

Name Changes (Link to Thread)
Changing your username x times per account, in case it's needed. At the moment, this has to be done by manually editing the information in the database.

Multiple BotBrs per User Account
- easy management and session switching

Social Network Sharing (Link to Thread)
- buttons for social network sharings
- make it an option on the settings page, which buttons should be there

Watch Thread
Thread 1
Thread 2
- mails for new comments (etc)
- able to watch a forum thread and get mails for new posts

BotBr Disk Space (Link to Post)
- around 10mb, earned at a very early level
- more space (or 'partitions') would be available for boons

Set Time Zone
Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3
- set own time zone in settings page
- dates for comments etc should be converted to own time


BotBr statistics (Link to Thread)
- page to see your own profile stats (boons/points)
- general page to see: What percentage of OHCs has BotBr hosted? Who has made the most tin cans? Who has won the most compos? etc

Trophy Cabinet (Link to Thread)
- separate tab for trophies to reduce clutter
- botb shop could sell a "trophy cabinet" that would allow a botbr to pick like 10 of their favorites to be displayed on the profile frontpage (see->items/shop)

Tin Can Repository (Link to Thread)
- trade tincans to something even cooler than tincans
- NPC that trades tincans for plastic buckets of different color, size, shape and patterns
- only hold boons in your buckets?
- buckets could be traded in to start a battle?

Fav Five (Link to Thread)
- Top 5 of most faved profiles on a BotBrs profile

Last Entry Date on Profile (Link to Thread)
- similar to LAST HERE just with entry date and not login

Display Lyceum Article Edits on Profiles (Link to Thread)

Sorting options for BotBr Entries
Thread 1
Thread 2
- sort by:
- Number of plays
- Number of favorites
- Number of comments
- Entry score
- Entry rank (possibly as a behind-the-scenes percentage rank so 4th place out of 4 entries isn't in the same place as 4th place out of 7 entries or something)
- Song title
- Song artist (in the case of compo/favorites sorting)
- Format

"Featured Entry" on a BotBr's profile (Link to Thread)
- costs boons
- one featured entry on a special place on your profile

Recent BotBr postings
Thread 1
Thread 2
- list of recent comments in threads on a botbrs profile
- mayb only visible for admins

click on flag to jump to the section in barracks-world (Link to Thread)
- clicking on the flag of a botbr should link to

bring back listen counts on a botbr's fav list (Link to Thread)

gold, silver, bronze botbr class icons (Link to Thread)
- award for being in the top 3 of a class

Sort by Collab Entries on Profiles (Link to Thread)
- another tab for all collab entries

click on ohb medals to see formats (Link to Thread)


Upload project file
Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3
Post 4
- similar to upload mp3 render for submissions
- people who upload source should get pedagogist points
- might be an attachment for entries

Anonymous entries in major battles (Link to Post)
- BotBr's level 10 and above can have the right to submit their tune anonymously for 10 Stealthist points
- the entry remains by a hidden submitter until the BotBr is guessed by a Private Dick
- Each BotBr has two guesses to find out who the hidden (Stealth) BotBr is in a form entry; making sure to spell their username correctly
- If they guess correctly on the first try, the BotBr is unmasked and that BotBr receives 15 Dickist points; 5 for the second guess

Auto-tagging renders
Thread 1
Thread 2
- autofill ID3 tags if they're empty at upload

Entry download codes (Link to Post)
- BotBr can generate a download code for their entry
- and send it to friends
- code is only active for a day or until the download happens

"Upload .PNG" option for ASCII/ANSI
Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3
- similar to upload mp3 for chipmusic

BotB should require renders in .ogg instead of .mp3 (Link to Thread)

youtube render request feature (Link to Thread)
- botbr must be level (6, 8, or 9? or higher?)
- entry must have radio status (score + favorites >= 30)
- entry must not have a preexisting yt render
- entry must not already be in the render queue

a "this entry was resubmitted" comment between replies on entry pages (Link to Thread)

Collabdong extras (Link to Thread)
- share alerts

renderist points for replaced renders (Link to Thread)
- let admins choose who gets the renderist points when replacing a render


OHB Boss Badge (Link to Post)
- Admins will be able to give/take OHB Boss status to/from BotBrs
- OHB Boss can host any format

gain a single badge of your choice at level x (Link to Thread)
- gain a single badge of your choice after reaching a certain level(s)

Gain a point to put into any badge upon getting 20+ (Link to Thread)

synclisten-streamer badge/points or something (Link to Thread)
- streamist points and badge

Anti Badge Progress (Link to Post)
- entries with a score below a certain value give -1 badge progress point


Color in Firki Markup
Post 1
Thread 2
- [c[RRGGBB] [\c] or something like that

Animated firki markup (Link to Thread)

Firki Dropdown Box (Link to Thread)
- put [text|more text] into your message and it only shows [text] by default
- as you click on it, [more text] pops up in the message


more pages to view palettes (Link to Thread)
- adding a page menu to the palette viewer

information about used palettes (Link to Thread)
- it'd be cool if you can see who made the palette used by (for example) this account and/or a link to that palette

Palette Ratings (Link to Thread)
- botbrs can vote on new palettes
- not until the creator chooses to "publish" one
- Publish != Save
- palettist points?


Battle Boon Payout (Link to Thread)
- a host could throw extra boons into a compo, offering it as a prize to the winner
- having bets on compos which could only be placed by non-entrants/voters (could their losses be divided to cover both BotB's payouts and a winner bonus?)

BotB Bank (Link to Thread)
When BotB's boons become less than half of all boons in the system inflation will occur. 'BotB' will artificially pad it's own wealth and costs will raise in reflection of this.

b00n/points history
Thread 1
Thread 2
- private transaction page in a BotBr's profile
- lists all boon/point transactions (mayb limited to 64 or so)


Upload mp3 render before voting is over (OHB) (Link to Thread)
- adding the render upload link to ohb entry period screen
- keeping the render anonymous until the sluts are out
- votepack might need the renders too / separate rendervotepack

comment box for entries in ohbs during voting (Link to Thread)
- would be editable like scores while voting
- sticks in place once the compo's over

"view" button for pixel entries during ohb vote phase (Link to Thread)
- a button, on the ohb vote screen for pixel battles, that would open the images in the browser instead of downloading them

Upload 130x130 artwork for ohbs (Link to Thread)
- host should be able to upload a small preview image for the ohb

OHBs with more than one format (Link to Thread)
- selecting more than one format for an ohb (limited to 2- ... ?)

Hosting OHB with both a bitpack and a txt rulesheet (Link to Thread)
- txt could be displayed on the ohb page directly, while the uploaded pack is still the bit pack

extend xhb voting period by 24 hours for boons (Link to Thread)
- limit the initial voting period to 3 hours
- 3->6: 100 boons
- 6->12: 250 boons
- 12->24: 500 boons
- 24->48: 750 boons

list of participants in xhbs shouldnt disappear after 10 mins (Link to Thread)
- especially useful to see who voted on all entries and who didnt
- another thread

admins should be able to close 0-entry-xhbs (Link to Thread)
- special button for direct close without tally
- can be done by using manually

people can choose when they wanna start working on the xhb (Link to Thread)
- a compo whose submit time spans a couple of days
- the format and bitpack only appear as you click "enter compo"
- from that moment the x hours countdown begins
- similar to 25/48 compos

BotB Dynamics

Responsive Design
- a new fluid layout ready for all devices
- integrate angular.js and make single page app

Mobile Version (Link to Thread)
- simpler interface focused on browsing and enjoying content
- get that meta-data visible on car stereos via blu-toof
- less data abusing version of the page

BotB Calendar (Link to Thread)
- Burfdays, Entries, Battles, Posts, New Lyceum articles/significant edits, etc.

Battle Hype (Link to Thread)
- a number that is displayed under the "Recent Battles" header
- this number would be within some range and, after hitting a certain limit, will do something very special
- The amount of OHCs there have been recently. For a timespan I've been thinking of possibly 2 or 3 days. Maybe it could change between the two to make it more random. This is to check for a somewhat firm amount of activity on BotB.
- The frequency of OHCs. The most important determinant for the Battle Hype.
- The number of unique users in each OHC, and especially how many people are recurring in these compos. This will highlight the amount of people who both actively and occasionally participate. Thus, this determines the amount of people likely to join in this "special thing."
- A plethora of numeral statistics from each of said recent OHCs, including the average, peak, and lowest entry count. This is to confirm that there is a non-wavering interest.
- The amount of entries that have been submitted to a major compo (if occurring) in the aforementioned time span (so the position of the Battle Hype might need to be put somewhere else in the side bar...between "Call to Arms" and "Recent Battles"?). This highlights participation in a major battle. And, of course, we get a lot of people in our IRC channel during major battles, which makes including this important!


- wizards and clerics that adjust a BotBr's aura
- merchants that sell items
- someone to run the arena

NPC Tax Man (Link to Post)
A tax man that could randomly appear no more than once a month per individual user; requesting they pay 15% of their boons that ends up going into the BotB bank/economy. You could have the options, "pay" and "run". Those with good auras will not be as good as tax evasion as those with evil auras. Successful tax evasion could be based on your aura and color ending in a 1/* chance that you'll succeed -- otherwise you are penalized b250 or 37% of boons (whichever is larger). All money paid to the tax man goes into the BotB bank.

- paying taxes could start at the same level where BotBrs begin to appear in the 'Mighty BotBr' box next to BotBr profiles
- If you don't log in to Botb for a long time your taxes could build on themselves, like overdo bills. The interest could raise higher and higher until when someone plays a song the boons just go directly to the "tax man"
- INF and Aura could play a role
- Things could get even crazier if we had "Wanted For Tax Evasion" signs. You could hire an NPC Bounty Hunter to sit and watch a certain BotB page for five minutes, if the BotBr hits it they are captured and fined.
- other random/stupid taxes: Lurker Tax for BotBrs that haven't gained any non-daily-playa-pnts in over a month? They'd just need to comment or submit or vote once a month
- Could taxes/fines put you in the red (negitive boons)? I'm thinking not, as it could get discouraging for people who don't want to dedicate their lives here. Although, compounding the taxes if they haven't logged in months is kind of crazy. You can't just add on 25% per month that their out. Perhaps each month back the tax could be 1/4 what it was for the more recent month. Example: 25% 31.25% 32.8125% 33.201125% (five months away) 33.298711% ..and as you can see it kind of tops out in a way there.

Buying a temp badge from NPC
Post 1
Thread 1
- Buying a temporary badge from an NPC for x boons, that disappears after one ohb host, random encounter
- The merchant could sell "beghast scrolls" for various formats, single use of course


Roguelike (Link to Thread)
- level and character class are taken from the profile
- the higher level you are, the lower down you start in the dungeon
- multi-player?
- pay boons to generate a dungeon and then charge a smaller boon admission
- limit the number of levels in the dungeon

Town section (Link to Thread)
- a town section on the site which includes:
- a merchant, to buy various items.
- a casino, where you can play viarous game and bet on the winners of major battle. -> major bettings
- an arena, where you could duel with other botbrs.

Inventory and Items

- get a humility helmet to block auto-favorites on your own entry
- get a totem cloak to conceal changing BotBrs

- Item
- Vanity Hat (item)

Thread 1
Thread 2
- an item that gives you an influence bonus
- an item that gives you an aura bonus
- an item that gives extra nubs each time you win some nubs (like +2% or something like this)
-> unfavorite tracks / dont fav tracks with a Humility Helmet
-> renaming favs to "listen history" once favs are more managable
- Tally Goggles: view major battle tallys (they break often lol)

Battle Systems

Completely Rebuilt Battle Engine
- true modularity with battle phases and battle types
- options for BotBrs to host major battles (costs much boons)
- host One Hour Battles up to a week after creating them

OHB Tournament (Link to Thread)
- some kind of announcement period (this is the time everyone signs up (anywhere from a week to a month in advance))
- Once it starts, the days alternate between a battle and voting.
- BotB will run heats with a maximum number of 7 BotBrs. The number of BotBrs that sign up will determine the number of heats. Anyone who places in the top three will progress to the next round of heats. I think this works out to a final heat of 6 everytime but could be wrong there. Lack of entry == disqualification.
- The battle day is a 24 hour period where you can choose which hour you create your entry.
- There is a list of participants and only participants are told the format when they start their hour. The format will be revealed to all when voting starts the second 24 hour period day.
- choosing which format occurs for each battle:
1) find all common formats that BotBrs in the heat have submitted and randomize equally within that list. This could result in no format, in which case the format that the most BotBrs in that heat have entered gets picked.
2) kfaraday's idea of a weighted randomization based on how many entries each format has in the entire BotB archive which could leave many scrambling in a very rare instance
Number one is my instinct, but I just want what would ultimately bring the most compelling drama for the tourney.
- Bonus Points: increase multiplier by binary numbers each tier starting with 1
- grand winner needs an additional badge/trophy of some sort too

Hosting Major Battles (Link to Thread)
- related Google Docs file made by puke7

Random Fighting (Link to Thread)
- random fights every day between two (active) botbrs

Boscars (Link to Thread)
- BotB Oscars
- Voting on best Botbrs
- Best track of the year
- Best OHB Host
- etc

Darwinian music (Link to Thread)
- submit songs
- people vote on them as they come in
- every time at a certain interval, the system erases the lowest scoring songs so they disappear, never to be seen again
- the top ten survive, and keep fighting against newer songs coming in
- the score of songs degrades over time, so that it's impossible for one top rated song to dominate forever

Archive Battles (Link to Thread)
- every week there is an archive battle where a format is selected at random (lets say nsf)
- then 5 winners from random nsf ohcs do battle with 24 hours of voting so everyone can vote


Removing Favorites (Link to Thread)
- entry has to be tagged first
- tagging an entry also disables auto-favorites
- removing own entries: there must be a Humility Helmet item in your inventory (see: Items)

Favorites in the Future
Thread 1
Thread 2
- making the fav count worth points (100 per leechist point maybe?)
- or at least displaying it on profiles
- item: humility helmet to keep yourself from autofavoriting your own entry
- item: keep autofavoriting at bay altogether
- organizing/ordering/deleting favorites will cost small boon fees
- change term to "Lurvs"
- get Listenist points if someone listens to your entry


button to jump to random entry in compo (Link to Thread)
- brings the user to a random entry within the compo
- jump only to a "non-voted-yet" (starred) track

Voting during the entry period (Link to Post)

Bonus Points for 100% voters
(Thread 1)
(Thread 2)
- extra points, if someone voted 100% on a major battle
- the number of bonus points awarded should be affected by the number of entries


Further IRC Involvement (Link to Thread)
- Be able to configure what your IRC nicks (yes, like your main nick, alternate nick, etc.) in the settings.
- Be able to upload your picture for !pix using this information.
- Have the bot log the idle time, active time, and amount of messages sent by each BotBr in the chat room for miscellaneous purposes
- Irkist points, maybe?
- same for discord???


Lyceum Improvements (Link to Thread)
- search function
- active moderators (article deletion, renaming etc)
- tagging articles(?)
- another thread with a lot of points

BotB Radio

Custom Playlists (Link to Thread)

botb radio/slideshow (Link to Thread)
- a random visual render below audio playlist per song load by the same artist
- or random if no related artist

Listen button adds to queue (Link to Thread)
- click "listen" on the first one and then each subsequent click of "listen" with that popup window opened would append the selected song to the current playlist (instead of just reloading popup with the new URL)
- or make it a seperate button


- Clans
- Fringe Groups
- Clan Battle
- Clan Abilities
- ability points
- skill set
- World Map


Trackist points (Link to Thread)
- for formats that require uploading the tracker file

List hardware renderists (Link to Thread)
- a place where people with hardware can put themself in

List of unfixed Bug Reports

- Lyceum page creation gives 33 boons instead of taking them
- comment on Resubmitted track shows old track title on homepage
- resubmission adds name to botbr entry in forum
- resubmit bugs
- missing entry uploader after collab resubmit
- Sample/Bit scores and badge behavior
- entry tags not appearing on botbr's profile entry list
- "tags" dont show any tags for songs from the profile page
- entry thread title doesn't change when resubmitted, or something
- double favoriting
- double favoriting again
- Viewing a sample bit's botb page counts as a play
- Bumping a thread doesn't check a BotBr's balance before deduction
- firki code & tab formatting bugs
- the irc log doesnt show up
- penalty is showing up in no-penalty-ohbs
- change badge-link
- palette viewer does not show author unless the palette is within the newest 50 created
- Creating new lyceum article failed
- collabdongs for tic80 entries can only get codist points
- boon loss with more than 2 entries in an ohb
- .com/.org redirect bug
- broken ansi image preview
- ttokboy has no avatar
- OHB final packs made before the existence of XHBs can't be downloaded
- Long Fav List Load Times

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