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  1. Programming language
  2. Synthesizer program
  3. Program
  4. Save Data
  5. Load Data
  6. Tips
The CompuMate Computer Keyboard (SV010) from Spectravideo was a home computer expansion for the Atari VCS / 2600 video game system. In Germany, the CompuMate was also sold over "Quelle", a catalogue company, which labeled it under its own-brand "Universum". And it was manufactured on Hong Kong.

It consists of a membrane keyboard unit with interface connectors as Joysitck 1 and 2. These connectors were placed in the module slot and both controller ports of the Atari console. As the user could place the keyboard on the old style VCS consoles, the two devices resulted in one compact unit. When using with the 2600jr console, resulted in a desktop computer look with separated keyboard. The CompuMate was not only just a computer add-on, but also was a musical keyboard as well with microphone and earphone jacks on the side of the unit. Unlike the proposed Atari "Graduate" computer keyboard add-on, the Compumate did not have have any sort of peripheral add-on capabilities for disk drives or printers, but did allow the connection of a cassette recorder for taping music and program load/save capability.

The CompuMate offered built-in software: (the box text and plus info)

Programming language

- Full-power unit with 16k built-in ROM basic, 2k built-in RAM.
- 42-keys sensor touch keyboard. With it you can learn to write your very own programs, and get a fine introduction to the popular and important basic language.
- You can run many existing programs available from SPECTRAVIDEO.
- You can store all your programs by attaching to any audio cassette recorder.
- All necessary cables are included.

Synthesizer program

- 2 Square channels, 2 Octaves without Black Keys, DO RE ME FA SO LA TE DO^ RE^ ME^ and the second Octave ME- FA- SO- LA- TE-
- Can Simulate teh sound of piano and organ.
- 4 built-in Demostration songs. (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Long Long Ago, Jingle Bells and My Bonnie).
- Allows writing of songs and playback.
- Allows editing the song (add or delete notes).
- Tempo of the song stored can be altered.
- Songs can be basic on standard cassette tapes.


- Built-in MAGIC EASEL program.
- Pictures are drawn by using keyboard controls.
- Up to 6 pictures can be stored in memory for animation effect.
- 2 built-in demostration pictures.
- Pictures can be saved on stardard cassette tapes.

Save Data

Well, first at all you need a mini-plug cable, which comes with the CompuMate. Use red one into the EAR jack to INPUT ( on any device who allow record INPUT SOUND ). After that press RECORD in your device and follow that press FUNC+H (KEY) in the CompuMate which is SAVE. You have to wait about 30-40 seconds. The TV most show a RED SCREEN, that mean is recording the sound aswell.

Load Data

Same step as the SAVE, but you have to use the MIC to your OUPUT (you can use the black cable). Then you have to pres PLAY in your device follow that press FUNC+J (KEY) in the CompuMate which is LOAD.


- Try to use a HIGH/LOUD INPUT RECORDING, so you will not get any glitch when you load a song/draw.
- Use a *.WAV 16 bits mono file to save/load your DATA.
- Let at the beginning about 3-5 seconds of silence into the *.WAV file, that will able you to press RECORD/PLAY and then SAVE/LOAD, without any rush.