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The CollabDongs-Feature got added back in 2017 during Game Jam #2. It allows a user to add another BotBr to their own entry just by typing the BotBrs name into a field and hit Send. Collaboration before the implementation of this feature used to be either informal by adding the name of the person into the description or by creating an extra collab-account.

How it works

If you made a collab with someone who also has a BotB-Account, it's very simple to add them as a collabdong to your entry. You just submit it as usual and as soon as you're done with that, you're able to click the "Manage Collaborators"-Button on your entries page. On that page, you can type in the BotBrs name, hit enter and you're done.

The entry will now be added to that BotBrs list of entries and they're able to earn points for plays and scoring, just like yourself.

There is no verification process at the moment, which means you as the uploader are able to add whatever account you want to your entry without the consent of that BotBr. It's also not possible for another BotBr to get removed from an entry again. This will probably get fixed soon though!

Collab dong can be added to an OHB using this URL:[entry_id]/

Replace entry id with yours!

Current Issues

Since the CollabDongs-Feature was added on top of the initial entry-implementation, a few features are missing.
First of all, as already mentioned, the uploader of the entry remains the "original author" of an entry and is also the only person who's able to edit the description and resubmit the entry (apart from SysOps). Managing the Collaborators is also only possible for the uploader.
This also means that only the uploader can't submit another entry for the same format in a battle, while Collab-BotBrs are able to. This way, it's possible to have multiple entries of the same format in a single battle.

Alerts regarding that entry are only sent to the uploader of the entry. Medals/Trophies are only displayed on their profile and only the uploader gets badge progress in case the entry gets a score of 20+.

Another known bug of collabs: If you resubmit an entry while a collabdong is added, the original authors name disappears from the entry and only the collabs are shown. This is just a visual error, but you should remove all the collabdongs before resubmitting a collab-entry nonetheless (and re-add them afterwards).

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