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BotB wants BotBrs to be happy and interact with each other. Can a clan system somehow invoke teamwork? The challenge is trying to find some balance where lack of clan members participation with BotB hinders the Clan but is not overly daunting.

Financials & Territory

Clan Lord spends many, many boons (BotB currency) to stake some land (a territory). The clan pays a regular tribute of more boons for every compo.

At present the idea is to take boons (which are the spendable equivalent to earned points) from clan members over time while also rewarding them for participation. Every clan will have a clan bonus for each compo which is figured somehow by the percent of clan members participating and the Clan Lord's boon management.

World Map (map division by console format)


1) Clan Lord aka Chief aka King
- leader position title decided upon creation of clan
- appoints Cabinet
- must approve anyone joining clan
- can dismiss clan members
- decides on current flag and emblems
- sets clan members' points income tax rate

2) Cabinet (3 members)
- each of three Cabinet positions is titled upon creation of clan
- can override Clan Lord decisions by 2 and an indifferent or by all 3
- approve dismissal of clan members

3) all members (including Clan Lord and Cabinet)
- pay points income taxes to clan
- receive payouts/tax return after compos

Flags and Emblems

Clan members sport a custom flag in addition to their detect-by-IP country's flag. Clan page will also sport a coat-of-arms or similar type of ornate graphic.

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