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Clan Battle

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A clan battle is a series of duels between two clans.
The number of duels is decided by the two Clan Lords before the battle begin.
The duels run in rounds -- they happen one at a time.
The Clan Lords decide who is to battle in each round before that round begins -- it is to be a surprise when the duel is launched. Clan Lords can choose themselves to go obviously! :D
Clans can be involved in multiple clan battles at a time.


there should probably be a limit for how many times a botbr competes in the same battle. maybe there could be different types of battles agreed upon by the clanlords like "1 duel per botbr" "x amount max number of different botbrs" "level limited duels" "first come first serve as to who competes in the duels."

the winning clan should get a pot of boons, as well as boons awarded for winning the duels. maybe this win pot could have a multiplyer for using more unique botbrs.

each clan would have to be ommited from voting, but this may really cut down on the vote pool.

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