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Clan Abilities


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Clans may choose to add abilities to there skill set. Some abilities may be used to strengthen their weak areas or give the clan a winning edge over their opponent in a compo or duel (battle).

When a clan is formed, the Clan Lord decides what areas of the skill set to invest the ability points. The ability system could be configured so everyone will have the same amount of ability points.

After a clan loses a battle three times the clan may reconfigure their skill set.
After a clan wins a battle three times in a row they temporarily lose ability points until their winning streak is over. Therefore, no one clan stays on top for too long.

Clan Abilities

1) Point Offense - an amount of points taken from an opponent, cast before the battle is over .

2) Point Defense - an additional amount of points added to the clan at the end of a battle, before voting.

{pwny note: does it mean the voting points or just total points or maybe some other pointed pointy points? i mean if this is about the voting points then it's not good i guess because ones can buy lots of these additional voting points and win and get more points to buy even more points and that is pointless. points. this word is comming right for me =x}

{what is this word coming to!?!: the clan battle point system should be different from a typical compo. The amount of points should be a total from all the categories... voting points, clan bonus/ability + points, format points, continent points all added up into the end total. Clans shouldn't be able to buy more points. The offense points would just be a bonus added to the score. The purpose of the bonuses/abilities would be to add a fun aspect to the battle… a little bit of extra fun or strategy.}

3) Time Offensive - an amount of time taken from an opponent's clock, cast before the battle is begins.

4) Time Defensive - an amount of time added to the clan's clock, cast before the battle begins.

5) Random BotBr Dropout - causes a randomly selected opponent clan member to be excluded from the battle, cast before the battle begins.

{uncle b00d note: i propose that this be coined "jury duty". we all have to do it sometimes.}

6) Skill Set Block - Eliminates the opponent’s skill set for the remainder of that battle, cast before the beginning of the battle * does not affect format attributes
7) ?
8) ?

Format Skills

see World Map.

Every clan must choose one format as part of their skill set. The clan is not restricted to that one format, however the clan will receive a format bonus ( based on their point distribution ) if all clan members use the same format in the battle ('console continent' format, see World Map).
A Clan may spend their ability points on a format skill, giving the clan an advantage in console format.

Every console format is strong against one kind and weak against another.

*Nintendo - strong against Gameboy - weak against Commodore 64
*Gameboy - strong against 24k - weak against Sega

A clan does not have to spend it's ability points on the format skills, but the format strength/weakness still is in effect.

1) Format Offensive - point deduction to opponent clan that is using the same format in a battle, cast before the battle begins

2) Format Defensive - point bonus at the end of the battle for using the specialized console format

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