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Chocobo Run


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First done and named by TristEndo, the Chocobo Run is a special gamemode and way to play BotB.


You create a new account and with your first submission, the quest starts.
The main rule is: If you get a score lower than 20, it's Game Over. Collabs and Major Entries count, too! But it's more suited for XHB-context probably.
For ranking, the total amount of your points is calculated for the LEADERBOARD!!!
A special rule (TristEndo followed that one, even tho it wasn't a thing when he did his run) is, that you have to submit the next entry no longer than 7 days after the previous one, otherwise it means Game Over too.
This is just to make sure everyone actually plays the game, and dont just camp somewhere, waiting for their chance to snipe an easy 20+ score.
Another thing: Every BotBr may only do the game one time! Maybe we will have a rerun at some point, and you can obviously do the quest as many times as you like for yourself, but the official leaderboard will only include your first run of the game.

Sign Up

For easier overview, please make sure to sign up by posting your Chocobo-Accountname in this thread using your main account (or make clear which chocobo-account belongs to which main acc in another way). As soon as you did that, your progress will get tracked and documented.


Heres the Leaderboard. Fill it with your name, too!! START YOUR RUN TODAY !!!

RANK 1) TristEndo - @Chocobo Sal :: 578.445 score total (failed at entry #28)
RANK 2) kleeder - @Summer :: 210.725 score total (timeout after entry #8)

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