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Chips Challenge


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  3. Some tricks and tips
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This is a challenge made up by Chip Champion!


The rules are simple:
+ submit an entry to every format in a 6+ format major
+ score 20 points or better on each entry (might vary depending on format and entry)


If you beat this challenge, the reward is:
* a princely sum of 1,000 boons (was higher back then, it's now down to 1k)
* priceless feedback and review of each track by Chip Champ himself!
* eternal glory

There's also a place in The Hall of Completionists for you regardless of your score!

Special Awards:
@ top 7 every format: FORMAT MASTER
@ top 3 every format: BARON OF BOTB
@ 1st place every format: BOTB DEITY

Some tricks and tips

# keep on a schedule. if you start putting things off it won't take long before you're in a track debt you won't be able to dig your way out of.

# new software takes extra time. the more esoteric formats generally have weird tools. weird tools that suck and are difficult to use and you're going to hate them. remember that you are going to need extra time to deal with these things.

# fuck your social life. friendships are fleeting but botb glory is forever.

# you are going to hit a wall. making this much music is emotionally draining and you're going to reach a point where you are just DONE. you just have to keep plowing ahead and be ready to call something "good enough."

"Making all formats is not that hard, making all formats with decent scores, that is pretty damn hard!!"
- Strobe

See also

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