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Finally! After all this time I got a bronze medal! Better check it off my chievo list!
Chievos (short for "achievements") is an unofficial progression system created by cudsys. People who participate in this system are referred to as ChieVrs (there's no acronym, i just wanted to style it like BotBrs).

You can get the latest version of the chievos list here.


To avoid any confusion or conflict with the way you get chievos, there are multiple valid ways to earn chievos. These are referred to as variants. More than one variant can be active at a time but not all are compatible with each other.

Blank Slate - With the exception of the Getting Started category, every chievo must be obtained as of adding the list to your bio. This is the default for n00bs.

Load Save - Once you add the chievos list to your bio, you can immediately check off any and all chievos that apply to you. Recommended for oldsk00ls who don't want the hassle of redoing things they've already done.

Detective - Inspired by kleeder, when you're notified about unlocking a silly, you need to figure out how or why you unlocked it before checking it off.
Clarification time! Once you "unlock" a silly, you don't need to try unlocking it again after figuring it out if you no longer qualify for it. Once you unlock it, just solve it and it's yours!


Chievos are organized into different categories covering different parts of BotB. As of v1.1, there are 10 categories ranging from Getting Started (the tutorial category) to Hostist (battle hosting). There's also a category surrounding chocobo runs in which chievos are referred to as "chievocobos".


Sillies are a type of chievo introduced in v1.1. Unlike other chievos, the name and description of sillies don't give you a clear idea of what you're supposed to do, but they do hint at or refer to something, often giving you a clue on how to obtain it. Due to the nature of sillies, they aren't awarded to you automatically, which is why yoou need to contact cudsys to check if you've correctly solved a silly. Sometimes however, she might spot you completing a silly and contact you via Discord or boon messages to let you know that you've completed a certain silly.


There really isn't that much in the way of rules, but there are things you should keep in mind:

* Obviously, don't lie about your chievos. It ruins the fun.
* To avoid confusion among fellow ChieVrs, don't add custom chievos to your list. Outside of the list in your bio for comedic effect (like what you can do with firki) is fine. Suggest it to cudsys instead!
* BotBrs and chievo lists are one-to-one, meaning progress on an alt of yours can't contribute to your main account's chievos. The exception to this rule is of course for chocobo run alts but they can only contribute to chievocobos.
* To keep the spirit of it alive, don't spoil the solution to getting sillies with others. The purpose is to figure them out despite how silly and out-of-place they seem.


Chievathon is a theoretical gamemode for BotB surrounding chievos. Here's how it works in case anyone wants to try it out in the future:

You create a new account and paste the latest version of the chievathon list (to be created) into your bio. Since your account is new, the list doesn't contain any Firki unlike the original chievos list. Get a timer and start it the moment your bio updates. You have officially started a chievathon run!
The chievathon list is the exact same as the latest version of the chievos list, minus any chievos that would either not make sense or ruin the flow of the gamemode i.e. chievocobos, level milestones, sillies and certain battle chievos. The aim is to complete the entire list as fast as possible. The timer stops when you update your bio with all the chievos checked off. Good luck!

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