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BotBr Classes


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BotB declares BotBr Classes depending on a BotBr's contributions. Different acts grant different types of points. The type of points a BotBr had the most of on their most recent level-up is their respective Class.

"First you must know, to have more points you have to participate in BotB community, sharing stuff, doing music and having fun with the chiptunes and people." - ui

Different Classes

A BotBr with less than 25 points is considered a "n00b" and must participate with BotB more to ascend from this vernacular gutter jargon. It doesn't scar!! Promise!! xD

A general point is earned every day a BotBr visits the site while logged in. BotBrs are also rewarded in Playa points for voting on all eligible entries in battles.

When some REMIX compos are on the way there is a time to submit samples. Big bonus samplist points for getting samples into the compo's sample pack.

You get these points mixing SOUNDS/SAMPLES in any of the Remix competitions, Allgear, S3XMODIT, etc. See full list under Format.

You get these points making CHIPTUNES in the CHIP competitions or in any of the CHIP OHB's. Currently 40 different chip formats exist! See full list under Format.

You get these points for participating in the BotB XHBs.

These points were previously used for participating in OHBs (formerly known as OHCs). After OHBs were renamed to XHBs, OHCist was made a legacy class, and it is no longer possible to get OHCist points.

You get these points for making GRAPHICS. Formats that give Grafxicist points are ASCII, ANSI, SVG, Draw, and Photomash, and you can also earn these points by submitting mixbattle art to major battles such as Spring Tracks.

You get these points mainly by submitting chipbattle art to major battles such as Winter/Summer Chip.

You get these points for voting for the tracks in any of the BATTLES on BotB (Detroit, 3xThemeChip, Winter/Summer Chip, OHBs, etc). You get one point per entry voted on.

You get these points by adding content to pages within BotB's Lyceum. But, you also lose points for taking content away, so be careful!

You get these points by hosting your own XHBs. The more participants you gather, the greater the reward!!

You get these points by adding tags to any submission on BotB. Tags are used for easier classification and sorting of submissions, so please be sensible about tagging things!

You get these points by making and uploading MP3 renders of other BotBrs' music, so that their work can be accessible to all!! At the moment, you don't get Renderist points for creating renders of your own tracks </3

You get these points by making levels for Doom, Super Mario World, and in future hopefully many more games!

Not to be confused with Hackist! These points are an award for entering game jam compos and other miscellaneous battles where Codist formats are available (currently just HTML5 and TIC-80).

You get these points by making web pages in HTML/CSS XHBs. This class is very rare to come across.

You get these points by making audio through programming algorithms or designing DSP-chains in vcv_rack, pd, bytebeat and bytebeat1k. See full list under Format (although it's these four so far).

February 6th 2023 marks a magical day, when this new class was revealed. You can get Writist points for writing written text symbols like your ancestors did. Wow, so retro!

Other Class Types

Due to different reasons, maybe a bug, or maybe because BotB is a mysterious place with a lot of secrets, there are a few more point types and sometimes BotBrs with classes different from the ones listed above. Here's a (hopefully complete) list of every other Point Class:

- Hackist :: You get these points for by doing stuff to make BotB better, such as programming IRC bots.
- Campist :: You get these points by managing BotB Bandcamp and uploading Battle Compilations there.
- Posts :: In the past it was possible to get points for posting something in a forum thread. This is not possible anymore.
- Altruist :: In the past, these were sometimes given for donating money toward BotB's operation.
- Awesomist
- Buggist
- BotB :: Reserved for BotB Bank account only!
- Number Points :: a bug with collaborations resulted in number points for several BotBrs
- allgear, midi, s3xmodit, spc, wildchip, nsf, nsfplus, remix, sample, :: format tokens, links are to accounts having points of this class
- :: a point class with an empty name, example account here.

Changing Classes

A BotBr's class changes to the class that he/she/they have the greatest amount points in, but this check is only done upon leveling up. In days of olde, a BotBr's class could change at any time.

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