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  1. BotBd the bridge bot
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BotBd the bridge bot

BotBd is a bridge between IRC and Discord, based on reactiflux/discord-irc
, with a few key additions to interface better with the fun functions on #botb


  • Normal messages
  • These work as one would imagine, on IRC the nick goes into <> before the message itself.

  • Bot !commands
  • Bot commands work too! when the bridge relays the command, it sends two messages: first one saying who sent the command, and then the command itself on a separate line. This is so that the bridge doesn't break bots that work by checking only the first character of a message.

  • kudos++
  • Appending ++ or -- to your message works too and won't cause people from discord to have their nicks in the kudos's!

    Missing features

  • Discord reply support
  • Replies look exactly like normal messages to IRC, and don't include any context from the message you're replying to. This might get updated at some point when discord-irc gets the feature included.

  • Discord thread support
  • Same as replies, although messages sent only into threads probably don't show up on irc at all. Best not to use threads, they make things messy anyhow!

    Any questions?

    The bot is running on a server operated by LittleTheremin/pumpuli so ask them if there are issues not listed here

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