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  1. flash players
  2. firki and bbcode
  3. BotB bot message log
  4. Flags
  5. ADMIN-ONLY Lyceum edits
  7. set UTF-8 standard
  8. See Also
This TODO list is mostly aimed at steps towards BotB 2.0 and grander schemes are considered construct manifests.

flash players

- currently there are 3 different areas where mp3s get played back inside the browser :: 1) samples on their page 2) tracks in a pop-up window 3) 'radio' in a pop-up
- need one player to handle all things JW FLV Media Player

firki and bbcode

- adding bbcode to the firki interpretor would be fairly simple =D

BotB bot message log

sometimes BotB IRCbot is down or it's socket isn't open
log all messages so they are not lost during these times
then display all messages when socket is open again


make it so N/A flag does not overwrite an actual country flag

ADMIN-ONLY Lyceum edits

in some cases (such as this page) it could be necessary


needs to be scrapped (the module not the data)
- ability to easily move favorites up and down (AJAX?) aka change how favorite is favorite

set UTF-8 standard

- currently character set is not set, special characters perform unreliably, ascii chars 128-255 are not the same everywhere
- utf8 complicates things but allows a level of unicode
- php can transpose utf8 to bottom 127 ascii character codes for filenaming (kills special characters in filenames :P )
- puke7's utf-8 links

See Also

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