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BotB API v1


  1. Basic Syntax
  2. Commands
  3. Response Formats
Battle of the Bits offers a fully public API. Please do not abuse; request throttling and/or api access tokens might be implemented in the future. Please enjoy.

Basic Syntax{object_type}/{command}(/{param0}(/{param1}(/{param2(..))))

Current object types : botbr, entry, battle, format




Lists can be sorted by property values by using the GET method
The desc variable is optional; defaults to ascending.

Filters can also be applied using the GET method.
Filters are defined by pairing a key and value with ~. Multiple filters can be defined by using ^ for separation.
(example: /api/v1/botbr/list/?filters=level~17^class~chipist)

Pagination is optional. The page_number is zero based and the default page_length is 25 objects. The maximum number of objects that can be pulled in a single call is 250.

Response Formats

The BotB API v1 default response format is a JSON object. XML is also available by either setting the format via GET ?format=xml or adding the .xml extension to the URI.